What Have We Done To Each Other?

tumblr_lzrvm3CrTF1qgynxpo1_500i don’t know you…

we have never met before.
you just know me through my words.
what i say.
how i say it.
i know that you read my site when you can.
you send me emails to catch me up on any and everything.
maybe i have written about you in a past entry.
maybe you don’t particularly like my ass or my site.
i pray for everyone in the foxhole.
those who are active in the comments.
those who lurk in the shadows.
i pray that god will protect you every day.
i pray that your enemies and demons will always be your footstools.
any danger that is coming in your life will be made aware for you to avoid.
i’m praying for all of you to be safe out in these dangerous forests.
i hope that when you’re confronted by the enemy,
you will always make the right decision.
even if it makes you look like a punk.
guess what?
you’ll be a punk who sees another fuckin’ day!
no matter what color is your fur or what your role in life is…
down low.
medium charcoal.
off white but kinda clear.
i’m praying for better days and bigger blessings in your lives.
life is def not promised to anyone and in a flash…
…could be taken away.

love and continuous light,
jamari fox

7 thoughts on “What Have We Done To Each Other?

  1. That was sweet J. I know, my comment was a little too harsh yesterday. I always overreact. Another entry with one of Zen’s many tangents. Another person getting off scot-free after killing a young black male. What’s new?

    I’m not living up to my username, like, at all.

  2. You too, Jamari! I’m not religious but I feel your positive vibes and I’m sending it right back. Honestly, I believe in retribution of the wicked and reward for the benign. The day will come for caring people like (allegedly) you lol

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