The Last Of (Mi)…?

tumblr_nvpr68fHfm1rocv2ro1_500i texted her to find out how the procedure went.
maybe i shouldn’t have,
but i was curious.
she responded back…

“i’m about to do it now.”

that was be the last text from her.
i’m okay with that.
more than okay.
in her mind,
i’m the bad guy.
in my mind,
she is satan’s best assistant.
i will never ever forget how she acted in this apartment.
those knife wounds still run deep.
the level of peace in here now is at 10.
i am glad to have this back to myself.

i do feel disappointed in her tho.
not the face.
not the face of “judgment”.
i’m not supposed to,
or i shouldn’t care,
but she really hurt me with her actions.
i campaigned for her.
i spoke so highly of her to everyone.
i even tried to offer her the best advice for her life and education.


it taught me a huge lesson tho.
everyone isn’t ready.
they may say they are,
as she did before she moved in,
but not everyone is trying to get to that next level.
some are content at the bottom or submerged in drama.
they will only have the matches and lighter fluid from all the bridges they burned.

the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” blues

i said a prayer for her.
i hope she will find her way.
she just can’t come back here ever again.

tumblr_inline_o266tnrTW31qjf5xj_500i’ve been done.
you know i been done.

“I pray her the best.
She has so much going on.
You were truly a blessing to her.”
– ke

too bad they don’t realize until you’re gone.

next: this fuck shit job.
2016 is definitely the “year of completion”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Last Of (Mi)…?”

  1. Hope this situation really wakes her up. I hope she now understands her value and it motivates her to do better. I wish her nothing but positivity and blessings. There is a reason for every season .

  2. You could have kept these two entrys about “Mi,” because I dislike people who have an abortion and would rather not hear about it, since it is selfish and heartless to take a life, you can now add murderer to her long list of bs.

    1. Murderer? Damn, you don’t think that’s a bit extreme? This is done before they can even develop a brain to experience anything. Mi clearly can’t handle a pregnancy right now

  3. I know that feeling all too well. you can call me every name in the book. but if I take my time to help you in your time of need then you say fuck in the end.
    there no you can say or do to make me want to fuck with you again ever.

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