Pray For Justin Bieber Everyone! Please!

justin-bieber-and-pattie-mallette-stage-momsso justin bieber’s mama pattie mallette wants you to take a moment,
out your busy day,
and say a prayer for her son.
he is struggling to keep it together and she is worried!
he needs a life vest ya’ll!
if we all pray together,
god will send his angels of mercy to help his troubled soul!
this is what she said in a recent interview

In quotes published by Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Mallette says, “I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they go in with the right morals and they get influenced somehow. … I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day. … If Justin’s struggling, don’t kick him when he’s down or condemn him – pray for him.”

The news comes just a day after Bieber reportedly spent a massive $75,000 during a night out at a strip club in Miami.

chris brown’s mama did the same shit.
i hate when parents do this:

“hi world.
please pray for my child.
he is acting like a complete dumb ass right now.
he is spoiled and going out his way to embarrass me.
with your prayers,
and your hard earned money to make him richer,
he will get his life in order again!”

why don’t you go find YOUR CHILD and do this:

Phoebe-Buffay-phoebe-buffay-23018163-300-200tumblr_l5kn8c5kGM1qboibji will fly to wherever the fuck he/she is and punch some lights out.
get that on camera tmz.
i’ll be damned if my child was out in these streets wyldin.
disrespecting my legacy and parenting.
hell naw!
i don’t give a damn how rich you are now.
i will:

a) knock his/her head right off their shoulders
b) they’ll pay to get it reconnected.

she needs to cut these media shenanigans and become a parent again.

lowkey: remember when you was ack’ up in school
and your mama came in her robe and curlers?

that kind of “show up and show out”.

quote found: sfgate

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Pray For Justin Bieber Everyone! Please!”

  1. Pattie Mae come get your bad ass child, if you would have put that foot in his ass years ago, you would not have these problems today. I look at child stars like Usher, Brandy, Raven Symone, Beyonce who were all managed by parents and they all were always well behaved, and didnt have all these breakdowns and antics like Justin B, and Lindsay Lohan. Chris Brown is the only Black star I can think of who got off track, but even he waited until he was older. These white stars get passes and they have been out of control. One thing about Black parents, even if you are the bread winner they dont mind putting that foot in your ass and letting you know you are gonna show me a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

  2. Figures she’d be singing a different tune now.A year ago when she was promoting her book, they asked her about his behavior and she downplayed it.Now it’s getting too out of hand.That’s why you should never allow someone to feel like they’re invincible and allow them to do whatever they please without any consequences.I remember about a month ago, they said Bieber asked a DJ to play a certain song and the DJ said “no” then Bieber punched the DJ and ran behind his bodyguards so the DJ couldn’t get him back.If they don’t intervene now, something bad is gonna happen.That’s why Britney Spears is so mentally handicap now.That’s why Lindsay will never bounce back to what she was ten years ago.These celebrities are surrounded by Yes-men.Not only that but they can drugs with the snap of a finger.

    1. ^funny story zen.
      i remember talkin to a friend who was telling me she witnessed mama tina slap beyonce in her face.
      apparently beyonce rolled her eyes and her mother slapped her in front of everyone.
      i didn’t believe it.
      like why would mama tina slap beyonce and she makes that money for them?
      well years later,
      beyonce told that same story in an interview.
      even tho beyonce makes all that money,
      she knows her reputation still belongs to her parents as well.

  3. It because they get paid by their rich kids and they don’t want to jeopardize the free money.

    1. ^well then she needs to accept that,
      go on a shopping spree,
      and change her last name to “dumb ass”.
      her son is doing drugs and looking like a complete fool and she wants a prayer request?
      go fuck his ass up!
      she can take him.

      1. She wants to make herself look like a “good” mom for everybody.
        Other than that I honestly don’t think she cares as long the money keep coming.
        But I can’t stand that asshole and everytime I look at him all I can think of BBC lover.

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