Cum Dump Already Has One Stan (She Brought Snacks)

superstannotumblr_mxrx82A45p1qi0thko2_250people stan for anything nowadays, huh?
this is why kim kardashian and her tribe are driving us crazy now.

lowkey: my foxy senses are sniffin “someone who knows her”.

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3 thoughts on “Cum Dump Already Has One Stan (She Brought Snacks)

  1. Yes.People stan for anything.You’d be amazed to know how many people stan for porn-stars or as I like to call them, film-hookers.You don’t have to do much nowadays to get fans.You can lay on your back and literally be a cum-dump and dumb-asses will stan for you like you’re their family.

    I can’t with this generation.In this day and age, Mary Mother of God would be looked at as boring while Mary Magdalene would be looked at as the woman you should aspire to be.

  2. I am not on Twitter how did this stan even hear about you? I mean with the large # of people who have tweeted about this scandal.

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