Cum Dump Already Has One Stan (She Brought Snacks)

superstannotumblr_mxrx82A45p1qi0thko2_250people stan for anything nowadays, huh?
this is why kim kardashian and her tribe are driving us crazy now.

lowkey: my foxy senses are sniffin “someone who knows her”.

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Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Backs Up

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.32.38 PMjust as i thought.
“an idiot bitch”.
so cum dump,
aka brittany norwood,
is now backing up and saying arian foster allegedly did threaten her.
( x unlike that last story ),
she is now standing by her claim.
“”she thinks and stuff”.
*twirls finger on golden lock*
an f-bi has an update and well…

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Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Retracts Her Statement?

arian foster’s cum dump,
brittany norwood,
now denies that he was ever harassing her.
i’m absolutely confused as well.
she claims her lawyer was the one who orchestrated the idea.
an f-bi sent me the latest twist from jock and stiletto jill
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