Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Retracts Her Statement?

arian foster’s cum dump,
brittany norwood,
now denies that he was ever harassing her.
i’m absolutely confused as well.
she claims her lawyer was the one who orchestrated the idea.
an f-bi sent me the latest twist from jock and stiletto jill

But right after she filed the lawsuit, Norwood spoke with Arian and ADMITTED the claims in her lawsuit are BS … saying bluntly, “I never once said that you told me to get an abortion.”

During the conversation, Norwood seems to be throwing her lawyer under the bus … saying she never signed off on some of the bombshell allegations in her suit and didn’t want to pursue the restraining order she asked for in court docs.

“I’m not going to sit here and be like okay with — those papers said, ‘harassment,’ like ‘in fear.’ I was never in fear of my life around you. Like, I didn’t f*cking need a restraining order.”

She continued, “You never harassed me. Like, I will tell him that verbatim. Like, as I have told him that, and that something in here needs to be f*cking changed because it’s not fair, because — and I said that. I was like Arian’s not a monster.”

“Like, I’m sorry that those papers … because I was told that they weren’t going to go anywhere. He said, you know, this is just to get the ball rolling, and then if we settle outside of court, we settle outside of court and it never goes public.”

Brittany went on to praise Arian … saying, “Like, I love you and you’re still the father of my child … You think I’m going to let anybody like desecrate your name, especially if my baby has Foster tagged to it? Come on.”

We reached out to Brittany who told us she didn’t remember the conversation and tells us, “I don’t care what the world thinks of me, at the end of the day, I’m educated, I work hard to make a life for my son, be a role model, and [my son’s] super woman.”

“The truth will always come out. At the end of the day, Arian knows the truth and I know the truth. It’s none of the world’s business anymore.”


EV2G5hnwasn’t she wearing “crocodile tears by vindictive slut” the other day?
i smell a scheme.

my foxy senses is smellin’ either an idiot bitch or a pay off.
the latter is actually dinging louder.
don’t be surprised if her and this story suddenly vanishes into thin air.
f-bi: keep your noses on the street.
i’m curious how the finale to this will go.

found: jock and stiletto jill

10 thoughts on “Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Retracts Her Statement?

  1. I am in Houston watching the news her lawyer has heard the audio and says he has text messages from Foster telling her to get an abortion.He probably didnt threaten her.Not that it matters if the baby is his…18 years of child support.In Texas child support is 20% of net income for 1 child.Because he has 2 other kids.It goes down to 15% of his net income .

  2. Dead @Truth, but it aint nothing but the truth, thats exactly how the shit went down. LMAO! Hell I guess it aint a bad deal, you got to see this dude but ass naked, got to experience baller pipe and now you are getting a automatic payday. Take that Peanut, pussy always wins in the end.

  3. This is exactly how it went…..

    Arian “I think it’s time to call this off, I can’t keep doing this it was Fun but I’m not leaving my wife. I may a commitment before God and I love her she’s the mother of my children”.

    Brittany aka Jessica Crackson aka Cum Dump “But I love you, and you told me y’all we’re having problems. you said you love me while we was (cough) making love”

    Arian “I don’t remember that and you knew what this was, don’t act brand New about this shit. it was just us kicking it”.

    Brittany aka Jessica Crackson aka Cum Dump ” How dare u try to play me like some cheap whore to used and dismiss. Well if she’s the mother of your kids so am i. you are about to have another child because I’m pregnant”.

    Arian. “SAY WHAT!! BITCH YOU TRIPPING!!! you need to get rid of that shit because I ain’t going to be with u ever and I’m not leaving my family for you”.

    Cum Dump “I ain’t getting rid of our baby we made together, so fuck u Arian!! you are going to pay for this, I’m going to let everybody know what a scumbag you are for doing this to me (Hysterical over-the-top sobbbing)

    Arian “well do whatever you need to do, u brought this on yourself catching feelings for a married. I’ll give you money and help u get on your feet but u need to handle that baby situation”.

    Cum Dump “I ain’t handling shit it’s our baby and I’m having it….don’t need your money. Fuck you and your wife, you are going to pay Stupid Nigger!!! Arian (Hangs up Phone) ROLMFAO!!!

    1. I made a few errors because I was trying to go back and tweak some things but the comment system chopped up some my words smh.

  4. Yep.I think the money being offered is making her downplay the situation now.We probably won’t be hearing much about this pretty soon.

    Sounds like she got a record deal.She gets the cash advance and then gets child support for 18 years from the baby she’s carrying.Her life is set.

    No wonder so many women wanna get pregnant by these ballers.

    1. ^she had him SHOOK.
      i’m sure his wife was threatening a divorce.
      i bet he cried.
      he wanted this and her to go away as quick as possible.
      thinking in PR mode: give the bitch some hush money and send her away as soon as possible.
      no seeing this child either.
      maybe she signed materials barring her from being a tv attention whore.
      we’ll see.
      the way how he cried in front his garage showed me he wasn’t about that life.

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