Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Backs Up

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.32.38 PMjust as i thought.
“an idiot bitch”.
so cum dump,
aka brittany norwood,
is now backing up and saying arian foster allegedly did threaten her.
( x unlike that last story ),
she is now standing by her claim.
“”she thinks and stuff”.
*twirls finger on golden lock*
an f-bi has an update and well…

On the same day new questions arose over the validity of her lawsuit seeking damages against Houston Texans star Arian Foster for emotional distress, Brittany Norwood stood by her story.

“I don’t take back anything I’ve ever said,” said Norwood. “I’ve been through a lot. I have. But I’m staying strong, and I’m going to be a great mother.”

Norwood, seated next to her mother, still claims the Texans running back harassed her to get an abortion, even though newly-released audio from a phone conversation the two shared days after the lawsuit was filed, appeared to throw some of her claims into doubt.

Norwood’s attorney, Doug York, confirmed to KHOU 11 News that she did make the statements heard in the recording. He said Norwood was just trying to calm the waters between her and Foster and they stand by the lawsuit.

tumblr_m8tqgbIxVO1rb2mc1o1_500well not so fast cum dump…

 Arian Foster is suing Brittany Norwood, the woman who claims to be pregnant with his son for extortion. Following the release of text messages from Foster’s brother and an audio conversation where Norwood states that Foster never told her to get an abortion, TMZ is reporting that Foster has filed for extortion. Some of the claims made in the suit:

 “Norwood has engaged in a calculated scheme to exort Foster and a campaign to impugn the character and reputation of [Arian] with the intent to extort monies from him.”

Foster is asking the judge for unspecified damages and he wants Brittany to pay his legal costs.

tumblr_med60yD15f1qal3lwo1_400well i didn’t see that coming.
okay yeah i did.
poor girl.
she’s like a fish out of water.
she should have taken whatever he was offering and move on.
too bad she is coming off very “idiot bitch” and her judgment is clouded.
where did she find her lawyer?

lowkey: i’m putting a heavy “JACKAL” on this broad.

found: khou | jack and stiletto jill

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9 thoughts on “Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Backs Up”

  1. I’m guessing she was gonna get money if she retracted her statement and shut up about the whole situation.Then I’m assuming she wasn’t offered the amount she wanted or what her lawyer wanted.Now she’s back trying to get a reality show again so she can exploit her baby and this situation for ratings and money.This does sound like extortion to me.See what happens when you don’t keep your dick in your pants.What, were him and his wife on

    1. I second everything you said Zen. If him and a lot of other black men would be more sexually responsible, they would not be dealing with this baby mama drama. It is 2014 not 1914. Condoms are readily available. And this ho is really stupid because her back and forth claims are gonna hurt her credibility. If she keeps this up, he could get custody of that child and then she can kiss that 18 year meal plan goodbye.

  2. Yep. He and his wife were on a “break”. She told him “If I find out that you been putting that dick in other vaginas like you been doing last year, I’m gonna “break” or cut if off.” LOL

  3. I think it’s either: A. Exactly like Zen said or B. She’s trying to get play that ‘OMG I’m a dumb blonde girl with a baller baby daddy’ image out there to make her seem like the perfect choice for that reality show. I mean that’s what ppl think of Paris Hilton or Kim only their $$$ is in the family name.

  4. I hope he gets full custody of the child when it is born. Imagine being raised by her and this family…shame

  5. He wont get full custody not here in TX. A Black father vs White Mother .I dont think so .He better try for joint custody .Here in TX child support is 20% of non custodial parents Net income for one child.Because he has 2 other kids it will be reduced to 15% if she gets sole custody.

    1. You said the key word TEXAS, its no way he is going to get anything but a bill for this Bimbo. She will win in the end, Texas does not care that he is a popular football player, they do care however that she is white woman in a state that treasures their very being. If this case makes it to trial, she is going to be seen as a young girl taken advantage of by this big bad Black man. I would not be surprised if her lawyer and her are calculating all of this to play out like this. Next is going to be I loved him so much and he promised me the moon. Arin you big DUMMY, get ready to hand over your hard earned loot for this little crumb snatcher. Hoes stay winning

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