Vince Young Has Filed For Bankruptcy

vince-youngthese baller wolves need to do better.
all these material things and then these rugrats by different vixens.
no bueno.
their futures are never really promised.
vince young has pretty much learned the hard way…

Since leading the Titans to a 30-17 record when he was the starting quarterback from 2006-10, Vince Young has fallen on hard times on and off the field. He was the backup behind Michael Vick in Philadelphia — and when Young was forced into action, he was terrible — and then he failed to make the teams in Buffalo and Green Bay.

Sixteen months ago, it was reported that Young was nearly out of money, despite once signing a contract that guaranteed him $26 million.

Now, he’s had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to the Houston Chronicle. The paper reports that attorney Brian Kilmer filed a petition in a Houston federal bankruptcy court, listing Young’s assets worth between $500,001 and $1 million with liabilities between $1,001,000 and $10 million.

More from the paper:

Over the last year, Young, 30, has been locked in a pair of lawsuits stemming from a $1.8 million loan obtained in his name during the 2011 lockout.

A New York state court has granted a judgment against Young to Pro Player Funding, a New York company that made the loan, which along with interest has grown to more than $2.5 million, according to a Pro Player attorney.

Pro Player Funding has made several efforts in a Harris County state district court to enforce collection of the judgment, but those efforts remain pending.

Young, meanwhile, had sued his former agent and financial advisor, saying they had attempted to defraud him by obtaining the loan from Pro Player Funding and then taking the money for themselves. Reportedly, an unannounced settlement has been reached in that case.

giphywell lets not forget these stunts from when he was on top:

1. Vince Young’s favorite restaurant to hang out in? T.G.I. Friday’s on Nashville’s West End Avenue.

It was here he once dropped $6k on a meal for he and other players.

Yes, $6k.

At a T.G.I.Friday’s.

Players would congregate at the bar

2. The bartenders, who got to know Vince thanks to his frequent visits at T.G.I. Friday’s, told Vince they’d make him a “special” drink.

It was a melon drop.

Which VY had everytime he came to the restaurant.

3. During his rookie season VY spent $5k a week at the Cheesecake Factory.

He always picked up the tab for multiple teammates.

4. On a 2007 Southwest flight from Nashville to Houston, VY bought all of the seats except for about ten passengers who’d bought tickets before he could buy the entire plane.

The plane seated 130 passengers, meaning VY purchased 120 of the seats.

5. After each home football game, VY headed for the Morton’s downtown where he would sit at the bar and order $600 shots of Louis XIII.

That can add up in a hurry.

6. LenDale White consumed quantities of Patron tequila that would kill a normal man.

In fact, LenDale was kicked out of the T.G.I. Friday’s in Cool Spring for bringing his own bottles of Patron to the restaurant’s happy hour.

White once ordered 75 shots of Patron at Dave and Buster’s — located next door to the Opryland Hotel in Opry Mills Mall which makes this even better– spent thirty minutes there, and paid a $1500 tab.

he learned this present day.
maybe those users he was hanging with couple spot him some change.
i kinda think he burned his bridges too.
no reason he shouldn’t be an analyst or something.
either way,
i wish him well.

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8 thoughts on “Vince Young Has Filed For Bankruptcy”

  1. Economies require that money remain in circulation. You can put it n a bank who might make loans from it. Or, give it to an idiot who cultivates his body but not his mind. Either way, the dollars keep flowing.

  2. I don’t feel bad for him. Who told Vince Young that he was going to get a big future contract? He didn’t do too bad the years he was with the Titans, but he wasn’t that good either. I believe he had a big ego, which may have had a lot to do with his spending habits. My sports fans in here know, Vince young was never that good, period. He was an average quarterback who was inconsistent and threw quite a lot of picks and he was plagued by injuries at times. He was nothing special. Vince had high expectations after his rookie year, and I remember when he was on the Madden cover and everything, but he went downhill fast, and zI mean fast lol.

  3. Jamari, you talk about users that he was hanging with. He hung himself with his foolishness. An “analyst” job for him? What can he analyze? He couldn’t analyze his income and outgo. Why should anyone think that he can analyze anything else?

    The big dummy. “Waste not. Want not.” With all that money, he could have done a world of good: Invested in businesses that would hire people. Establish a foundation to help people. Contribute to the United Negro College Fund. Loan the money to people to help them open businesses. Loan money to people to help them fund their educations. Rehabilitate housing stock. Help villages in Africa build water wells. Help villages in Africa build hospitals. Establish scholarships in his name at his junior high school, high school, college. Help relatives with their educations. Etc

    Instead, he acted a fool with his money: Buying 120 seats on an airplane flight. $6,000 for a meal at TGIF for about 50 people. (That’s about $120 a person! but it makes some sense because he was the quarterback and his job depended on the performances of other teammates. But $120 a person is about two to four times what seems to be reasonable.) $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory. $600 shots of Patron tequila. The big dummy!

    The average NFL career is 3.5 years, but these idiots spend like there’s no tomorrow and that the money will continue for 50 years! The big dummy!

  4. My conscious just wouldn’t let me spend money that recklessly. There is too much good you could bring into the world with that kind of money instead of spending it on silly things like that. Or invest it so that it can make you more money. God has a way of dealing with people who abuse their blessings.

  5. Years ago when I heard Vince hired his Uncle Keith,a middle school teacher,to be his Business Manager I knew this would happen.I understand wanting to keep it in the family but you need someone with business experience.That coupled with buying houses and cars for his Homies.It was just a matter of time.

    1. ^oh god the uncle?
      yeah he was doomed when he did that.
      is it smarter to hire a business manager from a company?
      i always hear people having problems with that as well.

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