bankrupt black lives matter (no seriously, the company is facing bankruptcy)

the first time i heard rumblings of shadiness behind the company,
black lives matter,
my foxy senses knew it was a matter of time.
when i heard of questions about where the donation money went,
random big ass houses that were bought,
and whispers of alleged plastic surgery,
my foxy senses could smell the smoke before the forest fire.

Black lives matter…
but it doesn’t seem to matter to the co-founders of the BLM organization

it seems they’re expose is on the way because…

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Vince Young Has Filed For Bankruptcy

vince-youngthese baller wolves need to do better.
all these material things and then these rugrats by different vixens.
no bueno.
their futures are never really promised.
vince young has pretty much learned the hard way…
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