Chad Ochocinco and His Bulge Star In: “Um, Random”

l_f9aa40e5804c4860b94eac2a9686b063one of my f-bi sent me this random clip with chad ochocinco,
some snow bunny,
and his piece.
it looks like the opening of a potentially good porn scene

…so no smashing?
no drawz droppin’ at least?
if he ain’t fuckin’ then get him outta here!
*throws tomatoes*
…so what was this from and is there more to it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Chad Ochocinco and His Bulge Star In: “Um, Random”

  1. I get the sense that Chad wants to be naked so bad and for us to see his body. Him and T.O. have the gayest tendencies when it comes to their bodies, they both love for everybody to see. Im surprised that either one has not leaked nude photo’s. I know both have had so called nude photo leaks but they were with random peens so they could deny it was them. What TV show is this where you are semi hard in your underwear.

    1. I could have sworn that both Terrell & Ocho Nudes have leaked. I have seen both. But who knows people just copy and paste pics together in a picstich and say that it is so and so nudes. smh. Tumblr.

  2. He looks so cute with his lil lip poked out in that pic. I still wanna pipe this dude lol.

    Who leaked this video and where did it come from? That is why he will remain in a tough situation money. You think no one but us hasn’t seen this? Chad here is in a different situation than Vince so he should become an analyst of some sort, but now that I think about it, he was involved in a domestic dispute which may hinder any opportunities. Image is everything, and the NFL ain’t playing.

    Darren Sharper will never be seen on NFL network again. I think he’s been suspended without pay.

  3. I’m pretty sure he had a sex tape that was snatched from the net very quickly.I think it was of some chick riding him.They still have screen shots I think.

  4. I love Chad’s chocolate sexy azz! I just want lick him from head to toe and take care of his and my every need!!!!

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