i haven’t been writing about my job because i’ve been really happy there.
real comfortable.
some of my co workers have issues,
but i legit mind my business.
they don’t fuck with me because they already know.
well that has all changed in the course of last week.
now i hate it…


Maybe The Bad Guys In the Disney Movies Were Onto Something?

were they just misunderstood?
was cruella de vil just a woman with expensive taste?
was ursula just trying to play match maker for ariel and eric?
what about captain hook?
was he just minding his business when a bunch of flying brats took over his boat?

well shit,
i know one thing?
i learned today!

how much is it this time?
hell i lost count.
same story.
i became cool with someone,
was there for them on their lowest…
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I Have Been Holding Onto A Horrible Secret

I think it is time to finally say it out loud.

Okay, before you think anything, let me warn you….
It is bad.
Not bad like AIDS or HIV bad.
No, I didn’t kill anyone or attempt to kill.
No running over dogs, cats, or other animals.
I pee standing up and I do not wear wigs.
I only stole once… okay twice… and I got caught and was scarred for life.
(Do you know what they do to pretty Foxes like me in jail?)
No, this is something more serious… or maybe it isn’t….

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I Hear It Is Bad Luck To Open An Umbrella In The House

Rain drops falling on my head…

They say when it rains; it pours.
You better hope you have your umbrella or you will get soaked.
Right now in the Concrete Jungle, it is pouring.
Who knew it would also be pouring while I am in the house…

We cannot avoid bad things from happening to us.
We can pray, pay tithes, and even command the assistance of a voodoo priestess,
but we will still find ways to land knee deep in bullshit.
But, how do you make it all go by easier?
Or, do we just have to have faith that things will work out for the best?
Why it is so easy to have faith when things are going our way…

…but when it isn’t, we forget it exists?

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These people I work with…
I swear…

Sorry my Foxes and Wolves.
Today was straight shit hit the fan HELL.
I am literally NOW leaving the office.
I need a vaca… or a massage.
A Baller Wolf to rescue me and take me to another level…
I dunno anymore.

We continue tomorrow!




My world has a series of ups and downs.
I should have a damn reality show with all this fuckery going on,
One minute, I am up and then the next,
I am somewhere on the ground floor wandering around in the lobby.
Sometimes I want to tell Satan, “Oh ok very funny! What’s next?”

… and then I realize he ain’t joking.
He is very intent on making my life hell.
Or, is it me?
Am I the cause of my own problems and I just don’t realize it?
I started to wonder:

Are these my lessons…. or my lapse in the right judgement?

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