These people I work with…
I swear…

Sorry my Foxes and Wolves.
Today was straight shit hit the fan HELL.
I am literally NOW leaving the office.
I need a vaca… or a massage.
A Baller Wolf to rescue me and take me to another level…
I dunno anymore.

We continue tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “smfh.

  1. Whooa-psiiiii… Jamari, its cool breathe, dont never let them see you sweat. I’m coming up there this weekend to attend the Staci Sherri show. I can help you out, just gotta tell me who you need me to harass.. Lol #Nerdtakeover

  2. I knew it had to be something intense to make you post when you werent intending to. Dont let it stress you boy.

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