All This Cuteness Is About To Make Me Blow Chunks.


This made me want to go get a boyfriend now…


Damn Hollywood stars and their promotional gimmicks! 

*looks up at the sky*

*shakes fist*

i actually thought that video was… cute.

i’m getting soft.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “All This Cuteness Is About To Make Me Blow Chunks.”

  1. I didn’t know they were a couple, damn I’m late. This was a nice video though. You’re not getting soft Jamari, you just want to be loved.

  2. Vixens will really whip a good wolf into shape. Got to give it to her because Jason was hardly attractive to me before this video.

  3. I like these two together..whether its fake or not. I know that she dated Steph Jones (one of my baby daddies) which i still think is a cute couple. I wish they’re careers were bigger but you know how the wind blows these days. Maybe a sex tape or leaked nude pic of Jason will get the fire burnin (at least mines #dontjudgeme) I sure you remember that nude centerfold he did a while back and he suffers from Noassatall disease so i expecting meat!

  4. Yea I only got through a min 11 m stoped but they make a cute couple. Even though Justin can deny all he wants we know he gets down with the fox hole :-/

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