Let GO or Be Dragged.

Why do we hold onto the past?
Seriously, why do we hold onto the negative things from many years ago?
Is it for the memories?
Is it for the experiences?
Certain people that we had in our lives we want to remember through photo?
Or, are we still holding onto to the pain?…

I don’t know if you know but I have a new computer now.
I think I mentioned it.
But, I got my Macbook Pro.

My final purchase before they canned me the next day.
I have to give MEGA DEGA SUPER DUPER thanks to all the people who donated money for my baby.
When I tell you I love her??????
I’m still picking a good name but right now she is Silver Fox.

Earlier, I was looking through my old external hard drive and I found so many pictures from my past.
People I use to be friends with and places I went with them.
I even had pictures from old jobs and things that I experienced while working there.

I erased all that shit.

Moved the folders right to the little trash can and clicked “KICKED TO THE CURB“.
It was like I was hoarding all those things as reminders (sadly, reminding me how negative they all turned out).
I did not want to hold onto those memories anymore especially starting fresh on my new computer.
I wanted to free up much needed space in my harddrives.
Both mental and psychical. 
It was like they were viruses still lingering in my background.
I open up folders only to be slapped in the face by the betrayal of people who never cared for me.
I spent a few minutes just looking at the faces and actually feeling sorry for them.
They lost me, but I gained all you guys who read my stuff.
I never inspired them but hopefully, I inspire you.

So now they are gone and I feel free.
I’m asking you…

Have you cleaned out your hard drives lately?

4 thoughts on “Let GO or Be Dragged.

  1. I do something similar with my phone. When I’m over it I delete numbers and text messages. I have a tendency to hold on to ones from the boys I used to talk to. I’d read over them and be comforted by the idea that someone was into me. Until I’m sick of seeing another failed pursuit and I delete them and eventually fill my phone with more.

    1. ^i have definitely done that.
      I actually need to do some cell phone cleaning in a minute.

      BTW: is it me,
      Or when you actually clear out your cell,
      The Wolf you erased actually contacts you?
      Like some cosmic message went off in his head…

  2. We hold on to the past because it has a significant impact on how we’re acting in the present and possibly how we will act in the future. Some things that happened in the past will always be that dark cloud over out head and it’s nothing we can do about it. I know for a fact that I need to let some things go, I’m currently working on it, but it’s a process that will take time. At the end of the day, the good times will always overshadow the bad times. To me life is about change, nothing is going to remain the same forver. When change does come you have to be prepared ahead time so you will be able to adjust to it. When the going gets tough, you just have to keep your head held high and roll with it.

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