jon moody comes clean about a secret he has been keeping

reality tv kinda killed my “jon moody” crush.
i mean,
he is still fine af,
but his “reality tv persona” on “southern charm nola” was a huge swipe left.
he posted something on his ig that was extremely brave.
this is what he had to font on ig

here i was gonna post about his tail that a foxholer sent me:


you know his tail is one of his best qualities.
if tumblr was still the shit,
one of my favs would have had the gif up and ready.
i miss the old tumblr.

in any event,
that’s really sad tho.
i’m glad he’s able to express his pain through his art.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “jon moody comes clean about a secret he has been keeping”

  1. All that keeps sticking out to me about this story is that in the midst of having an high risk early delivery, and losing the baby, he abandoned this poor girl. Grief is hard but to walk out on someone sharing the same pain is awful.

    1. Honestly, he seems like that type 🤷🏾‍♂️

      Very self-centered. Fuck the woman that endured the pain of a torn placenta and premature labor and watching the baby that just came from her die after growing inside her for 22 weeks.

  2. If he truly loved her, he wouldn’t have walked away. How could his pain be greater than hers. He finally realized what a coward move that was and is trying to save public face and not affect his business ventures because if she had told her story first his sales would hit rock bottom with women. Come on really this is PR stunt to get ahead of the real story. Can you imagine how her story would make him look and the damage it would do?

  3. One thing I would caution, is that people deal with situations in different ways. What he did was wrong, but this dude was young and cocky…still is in a way, but who knows what was going through his mind at the time. He shut himself off because he didn’t know how to deal with the situation. Yes, the baby mama suffered the same loss and went through the same situation, but perhaps she had a stronger support system than he did. Perhaps she (or her family) blamed him afterwards. That much we don’t know.

    We just know what he told us, that he abandoned her. But he never went into detail except to say that he didn’t know how to process it. That’s hard to lose a child, even more so at the very start of their life.
    And remember, most African American men (most men actually) are taught that showing emotion is a sign of weakness, regardless of the scenario.

    That being said, it is interesting that this confession comes on the heels of the new season of his reality show. So maybe they might touch on it this season, so like Cav said, he’s putting this out there as a sort of “preemptive strike” of sorts.

  4. Am I missing something? He abandoned a woman he claimed to love after she gave birth to a still-born premature baby, then found a way to make it about himself? Niggra please! He’s the type of arrogant SOB I would have hot sex with but would never return his texts or phone calls because I know it would destroy his ego.

    1. That’s because he’s a malignant narcissist. He’s been gassed about his looks his whole life and it’s done zilch for his personal growth and development. Niggas like him believe that they can do no wrong. I’m certain the only emotion he can express is anger that’s why he’s so dull and blah like Beyonce during an interview. Very rehearsed. Fucking typical. The day that he’s knocked off of that pedestal (that his mother and the communities that love him but he refuses to acknowledge have placed him on) will be a glorious one!

      I’m just not believing the stillborn baby story and I have little hope that there was even a pregnant girlfriend.

      BTW his art is basic, trite, and ugly (but that’s what happens when people copy styles that aren’t their own.) He literally swagger jacked Aaron Maybin’s entire persona. Aaron lost a child not too long ago too if I’m not mistaken. Let me find out Jon wants Aaron’s life! Look up BPD (borderline personality disorder).

    1. I’m in agreement with this. Some things need to remain private.
      People use the excuse that their story might give someone else strength or courage, but I don’t buy it coming from certain people.

  5. i can tell you…it aint that simple!
    Ofcourse you would stay in a normal situation, but if both are hurt and cant find eachother…seperation comes next.
    Even with parents that loose a child a majority divorces

  6. Woman he loved? Not wife? Not fiancé? Sorry for HER loss, but bringing a child into the world outside of marriage is foolish. Hopefully SHE’LL realize HER worth and leave psychos like Jon alont. I couldn’t care less about his arrogant, narcissistic ass. I’m glad yall caught on to his overall BULLSHIT!

  7. Bummy ass self centered narcissist is correct. I know the baby momma well. Wonderful woman. Has been a secret the entire time he’s been filming the show. Never once mentioned her, never once acted as if he was in love with this woman, who moved to NOLA for him, only to have to return home because he could differentiate his TV personality from actual reality. In the midst of THEIR loss, he made this post about him. And only him. She, the baby mom, the woman he “loved”, is doing much better now. Over his lame ass and finally able to see things for what they are. He’s a lame, he’s a fraud, he’s the literal definition of what you ladies call, “good for nothing”…yet amongst all of this, and even with his explanation of what “he endured”, you’ll still hear a few simple minded bimbos reply with, “people grieve differently…”, “he’s handsome and gorgeous…”

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