nicki minaj drops “megatron” and well…

something isn’t working with nicki minaj.
so “megatron” came out today.
wasn’t too excited about it,
but i was willing to give it a shot.
first day of summer so i figured she’d bring us some heat

that’s what i took from it.
it was a very safe song for her.
for such a roll out tho,
i was expecting something crazy hot.
this was the “go-to reggae song” for us to indulge in.
you can tell someone important left her team.
you can tell that person was a collab effort with her brand.
she needs to call him back because this…
this is just “cute“.

lowkey: why is “that guy” in the video?
i wish she would keep him bts where he belongs.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “nicki minaj drops “megatron” and well…”

    1. ^its literally just a “cute” song.
      she needed a real hot collab.
      something other than drake or wayne.
      maybe all the new female rappers on a track with a fly summer 90s-ish beat.

      i dunno.

      1. She did a collabo with Trina. LOL
        Nicki reached her peak already and she is on a continual downward spiral. If she can’t get it together creatively, it’s a wrap.

          1. Nah my dude it is over…And that is not a bad thing considering she has done a lot in the time she was really on. She should start to work on the rest of her brand acting & putting somebody on. As for the rapshit she is kinda over but not a bad thing she had a great career. Alot of woman did not have the opportunity for a career like this.
            Too bad she does not see it.

          2. They already got the mariage license and she want his kids, like he ain’t got 5 kids by different women. Such a bird and its the end for her.

  1. After this trash song, I’ve accepted Nicki has a bunch of yes men around her feeding her delusions.

    I really don’t even think it’s due to anyone important leaving her team because her solo songs have always been questionable. She was singing and doing all that wack auto tune shit when Safaree was in the picture. I think we all just hoped she would eventually level up.

    Time to accept that she won’t. She has peaked with no classic song or album.

    Why in the fuck does she keep singing on these songs? Absolutely no one wants to hear that shit. This whole song sounds like a throwaway track.

    With all the trash she talks she should be dropping undeniable hits! Then she wants to post iTunes Charts like that means anything.

    If ‘ol girl winning a Grammy off her first album didn’t light a fire under her nothing will. Lol

  2. So she decided to remake her Anaconda video? Ok sis. As I’ve always said, female rappers have to 10yr relevancy life span. Nicki has reached that point. She pushed female rap further into the mainstream and made history while doing it and for that I give her props but she’s peaked. She’ll never be more than this. The new girls are coming fast and furious and sadly, they’re bring something new, hot and creative that sadly, Nicki isn’t. She’ll join the ranks of Queen Latifah and Salt N Peppa but dont expect any culture shifting eras from her.

  3. I wasn’t too pleased with this song.. She’s still the GOAT of female rappers IMO anyway but I’ll give this song a pass

      1. Adam,

        She is the highest selling female rapper of all time. She has reached many different demographics that others were not able to. Also, to the ones that are saying that she is over with and is flopping are wrong. Her last cd Queen went platinum and had some singles off of it that went platinum and gold. She is doing fine, also Megatron will have more views that Cardi Press by Monday most likely.

      2. Well she is. Only female rapper to sell 100M+ records. 3 WORLD ARENA tours. Most awarded female rapper. Biggest mainstream female rapper. Richest female rapper. What other female rapper managed to have a platinum album and still HEADLINE a tour overseas after 10 years? Name one?? NONE. She is the GOAT. Read it & weep oldie!

        Don’t be mad at Nicki for coming in the game, giving all these hating bitches her ass to kiss and still being successful. I know it hurts you haters. The things y’all consider Nicki to “flop” would be ACCOMPLISHMENTS for your fav female rappers today LOL. Your wack ass favs can’t touch Nicki’s stats on her worst days. Let me know when one of those 10+ year rappers sell 180k units in a week and eventually go platinum in months. Or when they get a platinum single in two months. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

        Onika mothering these bitches!

  4. The standard in which this woman has to live up to is damn near impossible to reach, it’s like everyone wants something different from her in terms of music but when she does something like this she gets dragged for it not being what some people wanted. The song was CUTE but I don’t think she took it seriously…. we all know that when it comes to rapping their are very few who can match her so I’ll be waiting to see what else she has in stores.

  5. Nicki Minaj had her moment and gets props from me, and maybe she’ll have a comeback/re-glo up down the road. But this song was more MEH-gatron than anything else, at least to me.

    1. TheLoveTho,


      When did she fall off?

      Queen went platinum in two months of relesase and had gold and platinum singles off of that album. What other female rappers other than Cardi is going platinum? Seriously, you have male rappers that are not able to go platinum in this day and age. I have noticed that there is a major push for people to call her a flop or washed up, since Cardi has came out. This women will likely have over 20 million views of Megatron by Monday and has the #1 song on US itunes. The other chart stats are not being released at this time and she has the first solo song by a female rapper to go #1 on US itunes since Chun-Li.

      Congratulations Onika and may you have another platinum selling single and album.

      1. Nobody cares about this Payola and excessive streaming mess….we all saw how u can manipulate streams to make albums go Platnium with Tidal.

        These Queens always talking about charts and sales to argue greatness….whatever happen to listening to artist for the music.

        Her stuff dated and whack…..she wants to be a pop rapper one minute, then this Chun Li gangsta chick from Queen another. Lol

        She’s in decline and these new shawties are in front. People are checking for Megan, City Girls, Cardi still, and others.

        1. Megan’s album barely sold.. She’s all smokes & mirrors sorry. She gets a bigger buzz on social media than her actual numbers. I’ll believe it when I see it lol

          Cardi is the only one actually making waves out of the three. She’s the only one who actually managed to reach Nicki’s height of stardom

          City Girls are doing okay but not exactly there yet

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