enable mi to be worse

people often don’t realize the harm enabling does.
i see it with most stan bases on social media.
they’ll baby their fav and become lowkey “yes” people.
that never helps as it allows the fav to do the most destructive,
but because we admire them,
we’ll give them a pass to do whatever.
once they burn out,
everyone is confused and trying to figure out “why?“.

That’s the story of Mi

i spoke to another family member last night.
one who was pretty honest with me…

another aunt asked me to call me yesterday once i got settled.
i was trying to be fully removed from this situation,
but i wanted to know HOW this even happened.
as we got into the story,
she admitted:

– she let mi stay in her home a few times,
even though she said she wouldn’t couple years ago,
but ended up being disrespected by her a few times

– she was giving mi money when she would call her crying

– she was going up and checking her out of the mental facilities,
even though the doctor’s told her it was right

– paid for two abortions

i realized the biggest issue in this whole “mi” story:

Her family’s side keeps enabling this monster

it didn’t help that her mother spoiled tf outta her.
even tho she passed,
mi still has this entitled attitude like we owe her something.

Mi is very manipulative too

i peeped that when she left my home.
as any abusive jackal does,
she tried to manipulate everyone against me.
to get “help” from others,
she played “victim” by painting me out to be “the villain“.
she did the same thing to other family members with me.
too bad for her that i:

a) didn’t give a fuck
b) has been frozen out before
c) everyone had an idea of the type of character she was

the sad part is that her aunt is sick with health issues,
but keeps on running behind mi’s bullshit.
she has a good heart,
but i told her she needs to leave that she-jackal alone.
until mi is consistent with her meds,
we won’t be speaking
i suggested she do the same,
but i doubt she will.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “enable mi to be worse”

    1. how can you honestly assume and generalize she is possibly 1 of any of the 4 you mention. She has a mental illness and has nothing to do with when she was born. Everyone who has experienced stress, trauma or hurt experience a mental crisis, its how or if yoy cope and deal with it productively that determines if you develop mental illness. Some honestly have a chemical imbalance in their brain. Its real and its serious

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