ya’ll were wrong about deven hubbard

the best thing deven hubbard ever did for himself was cut his hair.
that mop he had made him look full muppet.
no favors.
now tho:

i can see why most of you are so obsessed.
sidebar: a low cut can make you look more clean cut.
excessive hair on your head can age you.

so the foxhole has been begging me to post this about deven…

he got his girlfriend pregnant.

He’s straight!

even though i’m sure we all have our “ideas” about him,
that might not be a surrogate for vinny and him.
will he marry that vixen?
probably not.
the real question is…

Does he have a job?

…or is he still playing basketball?

i would hate for that baby to come into dysfunction.

lowkey: isn’t this gonna his alleged second baby tho?
check the arcs.

Author: jamari fox

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34 thoughts on “ya’ll were wrong about deven hubbard”

    1. Sure as hell doesn’t. Just adds more drama to the mix. That dysfunctional situation you mentioned J…oh it’s coming!
      And what team/school does he play for?! Talking about coming to see daddy play. Does he think he’s getting drafted?! LMAO

  1. UMM ……JAMARI..ANY DICK CAN GET A GIRL PREGNANT IF SHE OPENS HER LEGS LONG ENOUGH. GETTING a GIRL PREGNANT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE STRAIGHT..it means you got a girl pregnant. Now I don’t give a fuck who or what he says he is, is he READY to be a DAD.. .financially, emotionally and spiritually……. .now THAT’S the question and from what I can see, he’s still HANGING WITH THE BOYS…..SMFH…. good luck to the child!

  2. what games and what shows exactly is he talking about? that’s been the same line going on 5 yrs and still no evidence it’s true. you know fantasy finally fades and reality hits you like a ton of bricks. it happens to all these social media wannabe stars. all this hanging out with vinny making all kinds of videos of him naked and now this. right where’s the popcorn bc this saga is far fromt over

    1. Games = NBA basketball (or some pro basketball league, if his baller career ever takes off). Being an potential pick for the 2018-19 NBA draft was his original claim to fame, I think.

  3. Congratulations!. I never saw him as attractive. His haircut is an improvement though. His features are unbalanced( The only reason I added this is due to him being presented as desirable)
    That’s the great thing about beauty. ” its in the eye of the beholder” ( Wink)

  4. Congratulations Dev! We all know getting a chick pregnant is not an indication of being heterosexual. I know many gay men with biological children. I just don’t see it! His hair actually added a flare to him now you have no choice but to focus on that face. It’s as if his features are fighting each other. I can’t wait to see him playing pro basketball (side eye)

  5. “Getting a girl pregnant doesn’t mean you’re straight”. Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️ By that logic sticking your dick in a man (or getting stuck) doesn’t mean you’re gay.

    It does mean that he chose a woman as his current partner and is choosing to start a family.
    Damn respect that mans decision..

  6. I unfollowed him on the gram and his fans only page I’m not helping him pay child support hes sexy love his body from head to toe but I will not allow a so called man flaunt and tease and he fuckd female the guys are tipping these lames I’m so done

  7. An unassuming, racially ambiguous baby mama is almost a requirement for these sexually flexible dudes (see Steven Beck)

    I’m more interested in this basketball career we’ve seen zero evidence of lol

    1. Steven has a kid on the way too? I was wondering why he’s been so quiet. I guess when Tumblr died these dudes were like “ok time to go live a regular life now” a/k/a go be straight. They’re hit with a harsh dose of reality when thirst traps and pansexual prostitution is no longer an option.

      Derek Tramel, Flashman, George Hill, and Seth Holbrook have been quiet lately too. Let me find out they’re working those 12-hour Amazon Prime shifts to prepare for their little bundles of joy!

      1. How exactly is Steven Beck gay? I have never seen anything suspect expect that picture with kellon, which could also mean alot of things. And when did Derek Trammel ever do anything gay, i swear that dude is closed book when it comes to anything sexual.
        Also, Seth Holbrook has an onlyfans. He plays with other guys and gets fucked on there.

  8. I don’t know what Deven’s sexual orientation is but as others have said engaging in heterosexual sex doesn’t make you a heterosexual.I personally know a few gay guys who have had sex with a woman or women.Hell I had sex with one gay guy back when he was on the DL 😞.

    Karamo Brown(Queer Eye) is gay and he has a biological son who recently came out as pansexual.He also adopted his biological son’s half brother.

    A former gay couple who went viral a few years ago as “The Gay Dads” both had biological kids. Kordale had three kids with her when they were in a relationship.And about three years ago Caleb had sex with her, Kordale’s baby mama, and they conceived a son Caleb IV.

    As for Deven’s baby, I’m sure Vinny will continue helping him out financially. That’s what friends are for ☺.

  9. That child is ugly as fuck. I know yall love him, but I just really never understood his hype.

    And whose cheap ass magazine cover is that? What’s that shit the first issue? I’ve seen high schoolers make better shit in Adobe!

    1. 😂😂😂 I can’t wit u! You know he threw that cover together during half time 😂😂

  10. Nah, I am not buying him being straight for one second, and we know fathering a child does not mean anything. I definitely believe him and Vinny were fooling around on the low. I think Vinny said he and Deven have messed around.

  11. They say loveing eyes never see I know they messed around and I believe with other men as well he can lay in those lies if he wishes we know

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