tyler perry made jon moody drop his drawz and i’m happy he did

it’s the veins in the thighs for me.
jon moody is everything.
i prefer him when he isn’t on reality shows.
he works better when he is a mystery.
jon has a handsomeme face,
banging bawdy,
and an exceptionally round

…about way of showcasing the talent of his art.
that’s it.
it seems that jon has been waiting to make his debut on the big screen.
he appeared on tyler perry’s “sistas” on bet with the whole pipe out…


why is she acting like a dork?
if his sexy ass came out of my bathroom naked,
talmbout he wanna eat my tail

Do you think you gonna tell me twice?

i love that jon is comfortable enough to be naked on screen.
i wonder what the crew was thinking during thi scene?
let’s hope a full-blown sex scene is on the way!

don’t disappoint us.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “tyler perry made jon moody drop his drawz and i’m happy he did”

  1. I bet Tyler made him do about 30 takes and then jacked off to the scenes he didn’t use and added them to his collection!

  2. Firstuvall, his body is sick.

    But my gawd, the writing and acting on TP shows are awful. This is what people want?! I’m so glad he’s gonna hire writers again.

  3. I mean it’s not the first time Jon have his whole nakedness out on TV. We did get a brief nude on Southern Charm…we need an onlyfans acct from him.

  4. First, no disrespect to Jon, I think it is obvious that he has a fantastic body and his artwork is dope; unfortunately, I do have some problems with this and it mostly has to do with interracial relationships in so much as they are as much of a business relationship as they have to do with love and attraction. At the end of the day if you want to date “white” and or eventually marry “ white” or racially ambiguous people, that’s cool, do you; but use that as the come up that you think that it is and make your way into white places and white spaces. Go be great on ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox on a predominately white show as the interracial love interest and see how that works out for you. I just have a problem when you want to date/marry white but then go to Tyler Perry, B.E.T, Oprah (OWN), TV one, Revolt, Issa Rae (Insecure), or some other predominately Black media outlets to get put on nationally in a focused way. See Black media will find a way to put you on and highlight you, I just hate that people run away from black women, black love, and black family but then try to turn around and use that blackness. Honestly, I think it’s sad when you have to play the love interest to someone who in real life you probably wouldn’t even acknowledge romantically.

    1. All of this! Black women (and gay men) make all of these men ‘hot bachelors’, and they always turn around and grab Beckys or Exoticas the minute they get a lil 5 figure check. And it’s always women who would never have anything to do w a black man if he wasn’t attached to a check. Real love is love, but being black and only seeking it from ‘other’, is problematic. Mallory ain’t never checked for Tryquandre until he got a big check, but we’re supposed to believe that love ‘just happened’ with them…

  5. I think the network got wind of Tyler’s shows, even tho the acting and scripts sucks but with the nudity. He been testing that NC-17 limit since its debut. Sista’s, Bruh, Ruthless, I mean talk about eyecandy. Tyler said fuck the eyecandy, give them something to distract them from everything else. You want quality scripts, go to Issa. You want to show your naked body, get with Tyler on BET+. You might get lucky enough to get on the censored version on regular tv.

    1. tyler has enough sense to pay high escort prices for the dudes that he fancies. he would never hit on an actor who when his careers start to fade will sell stories to the highest bidder. top discreet escorts know they will be swimming in cement if they talk names

  6. Average. I never got the hype over that dead eyed, almondy midget.

    Look, I’m just gonna say that these men are being made in a factory in Wuhan somewhere and there’s some government conspiracy behind it because they’re damn near interchangeable at this point.

    Jon has track record for being a weird, narcissistic fool. Dude is dangerous and a pathological liar. Between that and this hard-faced, Momma Dee looking chick in the scene, I just can’t get hard from him.

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