don’t ever leave the big penis that comes with all you want

its duba” is a veteran in the “vintage penis” files.
he was one of the first tumblr wolves everyone obsessed over.
he has gotten fine af over the years:


after years of fantasizing,
duba finally leaked his pipe on his onlyfans.
the one he charges 45 dollars for.
i won’t lie to you…


its the perfect size and when attached to his physicals,
it’s a whole situation.
i said something to myself when i saw him nude.
its easy to find another male to smash that looks like duba.

they are all over the place.
create a sexy aesthetic on your social media and you’ll get dms. but…

It’s no easy task to meet someone who is fine (to you),
has a beautiful pipe,
can stroke you into another dimension,
has a good personality,
great communication,
and is loyal.

in this new dating era of dorks,
it’s a lot of energy being used out there.


so when you meet a male who is all you desire and checks every box,
PLEASE don’t let that go.
if they alla that and look like duba…

i suggest you don’t fuck it up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “don’t ever leave the big penis that comes with all you want”

  1. There is a guy that I know, he does things to me that no man has ever done. I understand that he and I will not be in any type of relationship but he makes me want to lose all of my morals. He does not look like this man but he has a pretty nice body, nice lips and just overall sexy as hell. I haven’t even seen him nude but I get instantly horny when I’m around him. I’m not the finest person in the world but he constantly compliments men on how nice I look and it makes me want him even more lol. I don’t want to seem like a bother to him so I don’t really bother him unless I’m in his town.

  2. I’ve been following Duba for a while, he has always had sex appeal to me. Can’t wait to see that thang uncensored because it looks nice by the shadow it makes πŸ•΅

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