will king agu and clouse record their break-up to make-up sex on onlyfans?

i’m just gonna say that i was right.
i’ve been learning to look at the bigger picture rather than what’s in front of me.
my Spirit never fails me either.
so i was all for king agu and clouse getting together.
i thought it was a good “come out” with the leaked ig picture.
( x see it here )
they became a duo of sex work.
it was sexy at first,
but i felt they were doing too much.
it seems like their relationship is allegedly over.
they both unfollowed each other on ig so you know it’s serious.
not only that…

along with these subs on their sex work account:

the forests are saying someone cheated but a foxholer sent me this:

it sounds like these two were just a really intense sexual relationship.
they should have kept it as a fwb relationship and call it a day.
some folks are just good at that than being in a full-blown relationship.

this could be just a hiccup in their relationship.
people fight and get back together.
it’s part of the relationship woes.
people forget relationships are learning and adapting with another human.
sex is one minor detail in that.
some gay and bi males like being in open relationships because they don’t want to learn another male.
we are so “sexually liberated“,
we use other males as live-in roommates as we fuck them and others.
if you’re only compatible during sex then it’s not gonna work.
we shall see what happens with agu and clouse in the coming weeks.
i’m sure agu will have a mouth full of cake when they’re both lonely.

lowkey: agu is opening up clouse with that weapon of his.
( x see that hole )

13 thoughts on “will king agu and clouse record their break-up to make-up sex on onlyfans?

  1. Agu and Clouse are both annoying and exhausting with their feminine-teenage-Twitter-bitch relationship drama.

    Clouse is a simpleton, but there’s something unsettlingly feminine about Agu. He reads like the type who uses his physique as a shield to hide his true self. He’s someone who plays “trade” because it’ll get him sex and attention, but in reality he wants to go up in drags and eventually transition into a vixen (just look at how lazy of a lay he is). That’s what lightning-speed-out-of-the-closet “newlygays” like him do: excessively attend pride (fests) and sex parties, partake in latent prostitution, act in porn, perform drag, then announce they’re transitioning. Some faster than others and others in a different order than some. Just look at Jacob… Jessica Kohinoor. They live a fast life to live only to be burned out <35, and have nothing to look forward to but the gym, some wack ass sex with a stranger, and possibly a trip to show off their gym results and have more wack ass sex with strangers. It’s no wonder they end up on drugs or dead. The depression amongst Black queer men is serious.

    There’s no harm in looking, but it’s crazy watching heads pine over sexually and emotionally toxic wolves: sexually toxic because they be for E V E R Y O N E (and the social and physical ramifications associated with dealing with someone like that is detrimental) & emotionally toxic, as they have no concept of monogamy and they’re narcissists – their ability to develop an emotional attachment with another person is non-existent.

    Their relationship probably began like a fairytale. Agu lovebombed Clouse and swept him off his feet with undivided attention and unbelievable sex, and he was hooked! Clouse doesn’t even realize that he was used as supply for a narcissistic, parasitic Incubus. For his own good, he should stay away from Agu and find inner happiness. With Clouse gone, Agu will age rapidly without the ability to siphon Clouse’s youth.

    Hopefully no one else falls victim to him… but someone will and he’ll be back to looking “goodt” as they say.

    Single, Black, queer men need to find a man who’s fine, but doesn’t know he’s fine. A man who works for a living and isn’t out in these streets looking for someone to use because they think they look good and feel entitled to. A man who’ll sit up in an ER waiting room with them if they think they’ve been exposed to COVID, and hold their hand the entire time to comfort them, as opposed to a man who’ll let them go it alone while he hops in and out of DMs “looking for a third”.

    Substance isn’t hard to find when you’ve got the right subject.

  2. I could see this coming. Once they went on OF, it was a matter of time. Can’t do that if your relationship isn’t solid. And like others said, Clouse did all the work – haven’t seen Agu so much as touch his dick in a clip, let alone suck it. This was for the gram.

    1. One I seen he been facefucked no gagging and doused in the face with ole boy’s nut. He a lazy one tho yes.

  3. Agu surprised me most of all out of all the Attentionista’s out here doing Onlyfans sex work, when I first heard of him and followed him on Social Media I thought he was this Real Estate Mogul. He was always flossing but it was subtle and classy nothing tacky or trying to throw it in your face like some on social media. I was like this is a Classy Brother who had his shit together. I thought he would be doing more mainstream Hollywood Reality shows or some other media projects along with his real estate business. He is a beautiful Brother but I cant lie seeing the sex acts live and in living color did take away his mystique and was quite shocking. West Coast living is not for the faint of heart, it is indeed very costly and apparently once you get to a certain level you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills to keep that lifestyle going if you are not already wealthy. I guess I cannot be surprised as all of these beautiful boys on IG are willingly to throw that ass in a circle for a coin and Agu is no different. We are living in some strange “anything goes” times.

    1. Honestly if you ever been to L.A you would know most of those “social media guys” are sex workers. Allegedly they both are and word is Agu been doing it for years like Beck, Deno, and some others. LA/West Hollywood has a big market for attractive black guys. So many guys get into the game so easy it’s like doing Uber

  4. Agu is arrogant. Too full of himself

    That’s the problem of dating sexy guys who know they are sexy. They will act like they are doing u a favour by dating u and u should count urself lucky that u are with them.

    Very unattractive behaviour.

    Watch their sex clips on Twitter , clouse doing all the work while agu just lays there like a log of wood.

    Poor clouse, he was more into agu than agu was into him.

  5. Wow Jamari you spent all that time shading them , meanwhile you still single in the trap. And you still raring down black gay men who gave it a shot at love. I would have never given you that photo of them kissing if I knew you’d be this negative and thirsty for clicks

    1. ^well technically,
      judging by these latest developments,
      they might both be single too.
      so we all single in the trap together!
      throws confetti

  6. SMH… What can I say except when I read on your blog that Agu was GAY and had an open relationship and had an Only Fans that he was actively promoting and accepting. I was TERRIBLY disappointed. Why? Because I thought he was one of the last remaining guy on IG that everybody loves but are guessing on his sexuality. The privacy, the UNKNOWN was what made him SEXY.And he blew it for me when I read his relationship was canonized on SOCIAL MEDIA..

    THEY NEVER WORK. period.

    Its all FAKE. ITS AN IMAGE that is created for social media . Sadly they have a market for their lifestyle. Social media has created a generation of FOOLS with empty and shallow relationships to glamorize , with the pretense of acquiring meaningful relationships when in fact they all clamor and kill for VIRTUAL Likes!!!

    What A Travesty!

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