joe biden needs our help and money in getting trump outta office

do people know to read the room?
i feel like they need to teach “room reading” in schools.
this week before thanksgiving in 2020 is a bleak one for many.
many of our thanksgivings are pretty much ruined.
i thought joe biden would know how to read a room better than trump.
he tweeted this and removed all doubt for me…


biden and kamala are both millionaires.
they are both surrounded by other million and billion-aires.

A majority of Americans are suffering and on the brink of homelessness.

how tone-deaf was this tweet?
what is the money gonna do in getting trump out of office?
are they gonna buy him out?
i’m confused.
they better send in the army to drag his orange ass out.

i knew he wasn’t a strong candidate.
i was very vocal about that.
he was the best option in getting trump out,
but if this is how he is gonna get down

biden better take the gloves off and get it together.

14 thoughts on “joe biden needs our help and money in getting trump outta office

  1. The only thing Trump can do is fight a war until his last day, he can’t do anything else. He doesn’t have anywhere to go at this point because he thought he was going to win the election. With Nancy Pelosi still in control, he screwed. They unanimously voted her for another term.

  2. Each lawsuit has to tell him he lost the election. He still has Presidential powers until January 19, 2021. The good thing is, he can’t change anything or do anything because that’s for the next President to do. All he has to do is sit and be President until his last day. All new decisions will go through Joe and Kamala. If Pence is smart he should have his stuff packed already. Trump fucked his name up too. His political powers will only be good for Senate or Governor status which was his last job.

  3. Technically he is still the President and they don’t have the power to evict him or force him to do anything. January 19, 2021 is Trump official last day. January 20, 2021, President-elect Biden gets full Presidential powers to escort him out. When he does, Trump skips federal prison and will have the same status as someone who tried to kill the President. He will never see outside or his family again. As far as Joe staff goes, they get paid January 20, 2021. Whatever he doesn’t pay them now, they get then so that is not an issue. I think the issue is they can’t use their money now that they are President and Vice President-elect. That was the reason Trump had to get all his properties and whatever companies he own out of his name. A sitting President can not own anything. They are now in the process of becoming a sitting President and Vice President, they can’t pay for Government things. Trump is going to contest the election until a Judge physically tells him he can no longer file a lawsuit and that he actually won. Trump is being smart but he is also destroying the office of the President. He is literally ruining the process but I don’t know if its for good or bad. He did change our election process because somebody else is going to do the same thing. Remember Bush cheated Al Gore to get in office. The whole Florida situation where the ballots were destroyed because Bush brother runs Florida. Good thing is Bush ruined there name so bad, another Bush won’t get to run for Office for another lifetime.

  4. I don’t love Donald Trump, but I don’t like Joe Buden either. That man gives me the creeps too and I personally think he’s too old to be president of 50 states. I also wished people did they research and had their instincts turned ON.

    At this point (excuse my selfishness and unintentional absence of -) we can only help ourselves by making sure we have a place to stay and food to eat another day without harming folks.

  5. Tbh, the last thing you want is politicians who self fund or receive funds from other wealthy individuals or coorporations. Despite the circumstances, you really want political projects to be funded by the masses and not the wealthy few or else politicians become indebted to the interests of the few and not you.

  6. This Twitter Account is a Joe Biden ‘PARODY” Account…( Advice: If something seems off , its because it is)

    Ask yourself ..”Why would Biden Harris Ask us for money??”)

    1. UPDATE: Jamari, this is not a farce. I apologize.

      I am discovering more and more that there is no such thing as a “100 % likable “Politician. Personally, this isn’t cool with me . I voted for Biden for a myriad of reasons . I felt that he was a good person,supported Obama, chose a “Woman of color” [ I prefered Stacey Abrams/ I still don’t like Kamala ] something about her doesn’t seem authentic ] . Yes Kamala is very qualified for the job .

      However, asking me for money at this stage before pursuing other methods doesn’t sit well.I asked a few people how they viewed this Biden money ploy before posting this rebuttal to my initial post and some people are fine with it.

      In retrospect, I still prefer Biden over the gang of candidates vying for my vote[ Too bad Stacy wasn’t on the ticket ]. Biden is still a far better choice than Trump. So I would vote the same.

      Perhaps I should run for office( sigh).

  7. Biden & Kamala better get it together. All those endorsements y’all got you better go talk to them. Many Americans are still without a job, less hours due to Covid, or working to make ends meet. It’s not like they are sending out monthly stimulus checks or companies giving people increase in wages. They better call the army, secret service, or navy to drag his ass out. Biden needs to start working on Covid and racism in America.

  8. From what I understand…. There is money that a president-elect gets access to after an election to pay their current staff and all the other people who do all the complex behind the scenes shit that’s way above my understanding. That money is only given when the sitting president concedes. Since Trump won’t concede, Bided has to fund all of those things outta pocket. That would normally be taken care of by the government. On the surface I get what you’re saying, but in this instance it’s not what it appears to be

      1. Also I believe there are laws against using your own personal money for this situation. Your own personal can be used for elections but not official government funding needs.

        1. So Trump can PERSONALLY do whatever tf he wants, but Biden can’t PERSONALLY zelle his cousin nem the money to ‘donate’?! Fuk outta here! Waaay too many regular azz citizens are broke and unemployed and do not need to even be seeing ads like this. They need to stop playing and, come January, have the same cops who Trump loves soo much ready to come physically separate his dumb azz from control the same way he separated kids from their parents at the border. This is turning into a bad Tyler Perry script.

  9. Said it before, Trump ain’t leaving that bitch until a military escort but this is embarrassing.

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