Does Jon Moody Have The Same Drug Habit Like The Others?

i’m starting to think there is a drug in these forests that’s hard to kick.
what’s it called?
“being an attentionisto“.
it’s like coke.
once you get that first hit,
you keep searching for that same high over and over.
instead of it being snorted up your nose,
it’s the likes and attention that comes with social media.
jon moody seems to have gotten that hit.
ever since he got on “southern charm: new orleans”,
he has been rather extra.
well a foxholer sent me this video he put on his ig

…and it starts.
i hope he isn’t to have a mirror in view while he’s fuckin.

ya know,
i didn’t see “this” for jon.
he was so sexy because of the mystique.
he picked and chose what we saw him in.
i have to avoid seeing him like others.
he will spoil “the fantasy”.
i mean it isn’t all bad tho.
we get to his muscles in hd:

i guess this is where the “turtleneck” joke came in at.

lowkey: i’m starting to think i like them when they don’t speak,
take pictures,
and be like “beyonce” or “rihanna”.
they show up,
 show out,
and then go back to making us want more.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Does Jon Moody Have The Same Drug Habit Like The Others?”

    1. Lmfao. Seriously. I dont think he is that cute. I think that he is just average to me. Barry and Justin act very fully of themselves as well. And Justin looks like he got a small ass dick. lmfao.

      Gawdt, I wish that Tamica would get that Mr. Burns over bite fixed.

  1. Southern, what?…Jon, who?…*shrugs* I can’t keep up w/ these reality fools…

  2. And the thing is, He’s not facially attractive enough to be this full of himself. He’s lucky he has the body going for him.

  3. He is so high on his own supply. Watching the show it’s like he things he’s some Asgardian Confucius, but he needs to tone that down because I do think his looks are really getting in the way of his mental development.

    Boy is full of himself, and these shady editors on New Orleans love it.

  4. Also, did anyone else catch that Kway from “Blame it on Kway” is gay?

    He was on episode three where it got confirmed, but I didn’t know he was publicly out.

    1. @Jodie I thought it was obvious that he was gay.. I know a confirmation is everything but sometimes you just have to connect the dots and you’ll know for yourself without needing confirmation.

      Dude wears wigs & makeup, skirts and makes it his persona for a living (Just like Tyler Perry). He then pairs up with his *female bestie* (Lala) to do skits together, and they subsequently move in together in an apartment. Most straight men won’t be able to move into an apartment with a female friend and not hookup unless their female roommate is a complete stranger. Big generalization yes but there is some truth to this.

      The same dude mainly hangs around a circle of other popular gay dudes and he seems to enjoy the Titi persona.

      I’m not saying that all of those things automatically are synonymous to gayness but I’m saying when you connect the dots with somebody who falls in all those categories then it really isn’t rocket science to have an educated guess lol.

      I don’t think he was hiding it I just think he probably felt as though he didn’t need to make an announcement because the people with intuition would have caught on eventually

    2. He’s been out since the BGClive days.

      I didn’t know this was a secret lmaooooo

      How many of these dudes wearing wigs and lipstick for their social media following are really straight? haha

  5. No shade Jamari but I’m not sure what the complaint is. This is what you like right. I dont think you or your ilk understand that “this” is what comes with the type of men u lust over.

    1. Exactly I’m like why he always talking about attenistos when the majority of the men he post are just that. This is like the 3 or 4 dude this pass week, he has knocked about how they act. These dudes are not here to give you Wolf fantasies, they are young attractive, primarily straight men living their lives. Should they be humble yes, do they have to? No.

      They got your attention via they looks, why people get frustrated when they don’t express a persona you made for them in your head. I notice that people get in their feelings when u don’t project a certain personality they aspire you to be.

    2. @caz & @Truth I agree. All these guys are the same to me anyway lol, they’re nice to look at but thats about it. I don’t expect anything of them personality wise because I don’t follow them for their personality. Im only interested because I like what I see (until I get bored)

  6. Hmmmm….Caz and Truth…me thinks you both just hit on what tonight’s 2nd half monologue of Legion espoused: too much time giving life to shadows on the wall and not enough to understanding that you are dealing with real-live human beings..dirty draws, flaws, and all. That young man is making his way through the world, his life, just like we all are. Nothin wrong in enjoying the view he provides tho….. Peace, Foxes.

  7. Im here for Jon Moody and whatever he wants to show. The only bad publicity is no publicity. Anything that gets hundreds of strangers discussing you online extends your 15 minutes of fame. He’s only going to be beautiful and talented for a little while. Im glad he is maximizing his moment. Broke and modest is not a good look.

    1. ^im here for jon,
      don’t get it remotely twisted.
      what i’m not here for are things that don’t make any sense.
      he was in a tub,
      with a turtleneck on,
      a painting,
      and reading a book.
      like what?
      the skits with lala and kway made sense.
      this was stupid.

  8. Never seen the show and I think the clip was intended to be funny…but it wasn’t.

    I honestly prefer him and most of these other dudes to be mysterious and in tight pants that sit just right, but that’s just me lol

    1. that clip was supposed to b a play on him appearing in an episode in a turtleneck sweater. Like Justin said to him, man it’s hot as hell outside and you rocking a turtleneck in New Orleans…in the summer! LOL

  9. Is it me or is he really not as fine and/or cute as he think that he is? I mean he’s just regular, degular, smegular to me in terms of the looks. I still love his art tho!

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