Are We About To Be Turned Out By The “BTS” Hype?

so like i fonted in the “bbmas” entry,
i never heard of “bts” before.
my mentions got “bloweded” up *kandi voice* from their stans.
they were all pretty nice unlike some of the other stan bases..
one of my co workers is a big “bts” stan.
she showed me various fan cams from their performance at the show.
listen to their stans as they performed


i couldn’t even hear the music they were so loud.
you woulda thought michael jackson came down from the ceiling.
then she showed me these:

am i missing out?
you know when the black folks are cosigning,
this must be a big deal.
when my co worker left my desk,
with home work for me to listen to,
i stumbled upon this one:

she is fly af.
i didn’t know “k pop” was such a big thing in these forests.
i guess they’re trying to break into the american market.
with their stan base,
we have no choice.
my thing is the groups have so much members tho.
bad enough they all kinda look alike.
there is one called “NCT 127” with about 20 alleged members:

…excuse me?

lowkey: “bts” was loving normani tho…

that’s right!
stan for our black princess!

9 thoughts on “Are We About To Be Turned Out By The “BTS” Hype?

  1. Eh, I won’t knock em, if people like them then thats their right.

    But I’m waiting for the next black superstar. I like seeing my people break stardom & I’m anticipating who this person will be and where they will come from

  2. Kpop has been my guilty pleasure for years but I never thought it would get big in the states. It’s too funny to me. But yes of all groups BTS is where it’s at. They always have the best choreography. Exo is a close second cuz they music got a pop R&B vibe.

  3. After dayum near 20 years of Anime soakin’ and saturatin’ yo mind’s eye, how could NOT know that this was gonna slide right on in and be at home LOL

  4. Oh Yeah Jamari in regards to NCT. They have subunits. Meaning the overall group is NCT but they are broken into NCT 127 (Main group), NCT Dream (teen group), and NCT U (R&B group)

    Check out 7th sense, Limitless, and Cherry bomb by them.

  5. Yes get in Jamari.

    Two Groups and videos you NEED to watch

    The BEST Kpop group Exo- CALL ME BABY (your wig will be snatched)

    Blackpink- Whistle (Life will be given)

  6. Like you said, you would’ve thought Jesus was descending from the heavens or you were watching one of Michael Jackson’s old overseas concerts. Every time those boys were shown on the screen, that place went WILD. Like WTF?

    I’ve watched some of their clips. Can’t understand the music, but they can dance their asses off.

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