Michael B Jordan Does Essence Magazine (and My Burning Loins)

you know what i love?
when folks ain’t feeling a wolf i’m attracted to.
well not everyone is feeling michael b jordan.
his recent “essence magazine” spread tho…

…and then this video from “bts”:

…until he gets a “chin adjustment” for everyone else,
i can lust in peace.

lowkey: his facial and bawdy are so perfect to me.

i can’t understand what everyone else is seeing.
maybe i should be thankful?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan Does Essence Magazine (and My Burning Loins)

  1. Physically he’s sexy as fuck. You can just tell he’s arrogant and more into himself than you ever will be though. He looks really good with some beef on him like in the movie 😏

    1. @Dee LOL I know what you mean. I think he’s just on Cloud 9 and at the peak of his career so most men in his position are the same way. Just look at Drake for instance, the guy can never publicly claim a woman (unless it was Rihanna who has more star power than him) and stay with her for a while. He jumps from vagina to vagina because its being thrown at him all the time. And you can tell they are both feeling themselves.

      This I see to be true with MBJ too. It kinda turns me off them in a way though.. He is still very handsome but when you think about their personality and what comes with it somehow it kinda kills the dream a bit. But I guess that comes with the territory of being very famous & successful *shrugs*

      These men tend to simmer down when they become older or just washed up tbh

  2. MBJ is an attractive Wolf inside and outside! I love everything about him. His voice, Moxey and physical makeup drives me wild!!! 😍😍😍

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