There Are Levels To This Scheme

i love watching a good messy scheme.
it makes for good writing for the foxhole.
since all these jackals want to climb to the top,
they gotta out scheme to get there.
you may also need a few willing participants to help in the process.
so rarri true is getting the best publicity of his life right now.
he posted this shot to keep the fire going:
it was about his looks and bag before all this,
but now,
his involvement inside blac chyna has got him going global.
good or bad,
everyone is talking about him.
his baby mama,
decided to get involved with her version of events.
this is what she told 967 the beat in atlanta

i hope she ain’t trying to fuck up her bag????
it only takes one dumb ass to fuck up a scheme.
it’s crazy to me how we all are one hour,
or year of being a character in a scheme.
times have changed and anyone can be a star now.

lowkey: look at kellon,
who happens to do blac chyna’s hair…

gooooo kellon!
it’s very smart of kellon to get himself involved.
this will help him get more business.
see how this all works?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “There Are Levels To This Scheme”

  1. I wish people would stop glorifying all this. This is just nasty and disgusting and i really don’t think anybody with a respectful brand should get involved, kellon do your thing stay out of this because you never know who is watching and how all this gonna end. No all publicity is good publicity despite what people may think.

    Rob doesn’t look mentally stable, the way he reacted was just crazy, he needs to pull himself together. he feels he was played but that’s not the way to handle it.

    Blac Chyna is happy and proud to be a scammer because apparently it’s a wonderful thing.

    For once i’m happy the other kardashian didn’t participate. That doesn’t mean they hiding or they don’t care that just means they learned you don’t handle private things on social media.

    That rarri guy now his life is out, but i guess he doesn’t really care as long as he gets the money.

    People are calling chyna queen like i don’t get it. Queen of what exactly? I don’t know if they’re praising her for scamming or it’s just because it’s a kardashian who got scammed. But the whole situation is crazy.

    They’re two children who are going to grow up and see all that, but i guess neither rob nor chyna care.

    I can’t stand ratchetness anymore, it’s good on tv because it’s scripted everybody knows that’s it’s for pure entertainment growing hip hop housewives or whatever lol but this here, no, just no. All parties need help.

    PS: Hey Jamari it’s been almost a century

  2. I’m just here for Kellon. I’m still in love with him. He’s one of the few that I actually have an opinion about lol. I love that man lol.

  3. I don’t care nothing about this shit cause at this point the only thing I want to see from Honda is his nudes fuck everything else. And I’m mad that nobody realize that rob family as yet say anything I see nobody cares about him not even your on family damn shame.

  4. Or he could had helped his sisters to get the heat of them when that whole biggie and tupac shirts they were trying to sell when they got put on blast!!!!

    1. ^you could def be on to something bx!
      anything is possible with this family.
      they are losing to donald trump and bad reviews for their make up stuff…

  5. Rob’s weight gain was due to severe depression. He still hasn’t lost the weight, so he may still be in that state of mind. People do fatal things if pushed too hard.

    I just wish people would stop playing games with people’s lives and emotions.

  6. This is some mess, I know he is glad of getting his one second of fame for now. Anyway speaking of fame I was on Lipstick Alley earlier today, and under entertainment industry they had a post about you Jamari. It was labeled Jamari and the work wolf I think, the post was trying to figure out who work wolf was lol.

    1. ^damn i made it to the alley LOL
      that’s an honor.
      i always say if you make it to the alley,
      you are on the radar.
      it’s a blessing to even be noticed on media platforms all these years later!

  7. You know what I always felt like Blacq China was using him . To me I don’t think that baby is his. II am quite sure things is not going to end well. I think more and more drama is about to come out.

    1. Their daughter,Dream, looks just like Rob.She looks even more like Robert Kardashian.

      I think Kris has written or will write a check to Chyna to keep her for going to the police and having Rob arrested for Revenge Porn.He can get up to 6 months in jail for posting those nude pics without her consent in California.I also think she has some explosive information about him and the Kardashians that’s why she is “unbothered”. He loved and trusted her so if she told him about TI paying her to have a threesome with him and Tiny.There is no doubt in my mind Rob disclosed some Kardashian secrets to her.That’s why all the Kardashian -Jenners have been radio silent,not one has publicly supported him.They are in crisis mode,coming up with a strategy to protect their brand.

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