Rarri True and The Secrets That Might Have Buried Him?

we all have them.
some of them are buried deep.
others are right at the surface.
it takes the right amount of digging to find them.
rarri true,
one of the pineapples allegedly involved inside blac chyna,
allegedly has some secrets.
big ones.
my thing is

Was he really trying to hide them?

i don’t think he was.
for someone who is trying to be a rapper,
and floss his lifestyle so arrogantly,
he seemed to be out of fucks of how he moved.

he is broke and escorts to get what he needs.


don’t matter.
he is allegedly down for whatever.
whatever he is doing,
it is getting him in ferraris and private planes.
he might have that:

i mean,
he is cute af.
i wouldn’t have paid for no pipe,
but i’d have to be the exception in his conquests.

i never understood why those who have these messy secrets,
ones where it’s gonna take a lot to clean up,
still try to be in the public eye.
rarri true isn’t being known for his talents,
whatever that is.
he is now known as:

The Alleged Broke Escort Who Got Exposed By Rob Kardashian

…which has everyone talking.
those from his past and messy gay jackals are sharing stories.
not to mention his allegedly current baby mama,
who is four month pregnant,
is spinning the beans as well.
i keep saying this is what happens when you’re too mixxy.
rarri true was doing too much on his social media with no explanation.
he wanted to be in the spotlight and the universe gave him that.

he might be able to go through this unscathed.
he is cute and there is someone waiting to secure his bag again.
he fits the “wolf” prototype of what most will pay for.
i’m sure they gonna make him work hard for it tho…

i’m interested to see what’s next.

lowkey: rarri turned out to be an attentionisto and instagramification in every sense of the words.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Rarri True and The Secrets That Might Have Buried Him?”

  1. The filthy bitch who spilled his info isn’t any better than Rarri. As someone said in your last Rob/Chyna entry, Stahr Milan so called exposed him. What was the purpose of that? Rob didn’t go in on him nearly as hard as Stahr did.

    Let’s talk about Stahr for a minute. This is the same Stahr scamming people for bleaching cream that was nothing more than whipped coco butter that you could buy from the Koreans at the beauty supply? The same Stahr that has problems with his dark skin? The same Stahr that raped a 15 year old boy and forced himself on said boy anytime he wanted some sex? Stahr Milan is upset because he hasn’t made it to the echelon of getting with anyone famous that Rarri has. Nobody hasn’t paid for that face you have YET, Stahr. Don’t try to tear nobody down that is apart of the gay community, willingly or otherwise. No one asked, so don’t volunteer.

    I don’t see anything wrong with escorting. We all have to eat and pay bills. If you want to do that, shoutouts to you. Just be smart and carful with ya hustle. Rarri, just next time be honest with everyone in ya circle and don’t try to be someone your not on social media. You will be exposed given time.

    1. ^i don’t know stahr,
      but he also has some secrets.
      all of his followers were eating that up yesterday.
      it was disgusting.
      you would have thought rarri gave him hiv by the way he was carrying on.


      rarri is messy,
      but he didn’t kill anyone.

    2. Stahr simply likes to hear himself talk. Not that I don’t believe him, but he’s a tad to narcissistic for me to take him seriously.

  2. he still cute af. sounds like someone was hurt that Rarri fine ass stopped fuckin with him. #teamRarri

  3. Blah. He not all that. I see finer here on the corner in the Bx.

    Queens are so fucking messy. Smh

  4. OK. I am really outta touch. Maybe I just need to see more pics of this Rarri. From the first pic I see him. Cute, ok. The second is the one covered up in the sweatsuit? Or the one in the Tims and backwards hat???? The third pic………….well, anyway.

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