I Just Wanted To Squeeze Your Straight Cheeks, Is All

most of these straight wolves have nice cheeks.
you know i love a nice tail on a wolf.
gym life,
play sports,
or whatever hormones is in the chicken,
bunz are getting super plump nowadays.
well this one jackal was feeling bold af.
he decided to grab a “straight?” wolf’s cheeks in the kitchen.
an f-bi sent us the video of what happened next…

he got hit hard.
you can tell that wolf wasn’t having that.
from the video,
the jackal seemed drunk.
straight or not,
that jackal still violated.
what would make him not respect boundaries like that?
i don’t care how fat someone’s tail is,
unless he gives you the green light,
i say keep your hands off the merch.
well the situation went even more left

if you gonna grab someone tail,
at least know how to fight.

lowkey: some straight wolves don’t even like vixens grabbing their bunz.
i’m just not this bold at all with randoms.
i don’t even try to cross those boundaries with strangers.
am i the only one?

3 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Squeeze Your Straight Cheeks, Is All

  1. I must say I’ve done the same thing to a “straight guy” but the crazy part about it was this happened at work LOL. The make a long story short he was always doing things that made me give him the side eye…Lifting up his shirt so I can see his chest and abs, letting me feel on his chest, squeeze his arms, he’s even seen me look at his ass and smile at me. This all happened at work over the span of a few months so this was our thing. He even told someone else at the job that I liked him. Which pissed me off at first but made me think that was his way of being open and okay with this. So one day I went for it and grabbed that right booty cheek LOL…My heart was racing and I was sweating. Since we were at work he “got upset ” by telling me “your going to far with this ” but 5 minutes later we are hugging and laughing. On top of that he’s married with kids and everyone at the job things he gets down too. It was confusing, fun and a rush too. Even though he doesn’t work there anymore ( he found a best position) still think about him and have my a little crush too.

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