Blac Chyna’s Alleged Ho-ish Ways Gets Rarri True Publicity?

wait foxhole…
i know ^this wolf.
he has been in these parts before.
remember i wanted to know who:

…and there was no leads?
well good to know he would be allegedly found inside chyna’s pussy!
his name is rarri true and…

…i can see why she may have fucked him.
he’s cute.
i’d let him fuck too.
rarri true is 24 and from chicago.
he is also a rapper and couple music videos:

too hood for me.
we don’t need him to rap or even talk.
we just need to ride that stick shift,
is all.

rarri true is having the best day ever.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Blac Chyna’s Alleged Ho-ish Ways Gets Rarri True Publicity?”

  1. Every other picture is like a luxury ad campaign. All that flossing is stunt queen 101 behavior. Beyond tacky. Word in LA is he’s a big time credit card scammer. Seems like Chyna likes em young, tatted and sexually ambiguous. Rob is dumb, all this bitching is just making these neguhs famous.

  2. He has very beautiful skin to say the least. I would smash!!!!

    But I’ve known of him for a while just cuz he’s from Chicago. But i agree with most the he is either scamming, turning tricks, or both. He’s not really doing enough to be flossing the way he is.

  3. Not impressed. He strikes me as a poser/wannabe.
    What’s to say those pics of him in the clothes aren’t close-ups of him in a dressing room?
    You KNOW he in a dealership sitting on a Lambo, playing like he can afford it…when his ass probably the detailer. LOL
    I hate to see people take pics like these. Less is more, and even IF you have those things you don’t nee to be showing everyone what you got…’cause everybody in your circle AIN’T your friend, and they will try to take what you have the moment you let your guard down. That’s how they do in the hood. LOL

  4. All it took was a quick scroll of his images to instantly come to the conclusion he’d bend ova nicely for daddy…come on now…

  5. I told you’ll earlier that the Internet would have a field day of that picture of him with that hand lol, and it has started.

  6. This deal has Fukk Boy written all over it. But if I tell the truth, he ISSA SNACK, love dudes who pay attention to their grooming and appearance, he probably aint shit but he is cute LOL. Anyway, why is Rob surprised that a Ho has done Ho Shit. This whole family needs to just go away, I am sick of them all.

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