Rob Kardashian Gives Mechie The Spotlight

doesn’t he look like a “rico pruitt” relative?
so allegedly,
^this is one of the hyenas blac chyna was messing with.
his name is mechie and he comes with video…


he looks like someone’s whose nudes are probably on tumblr.

She has a type?

if so,
she should look into changing it.

lowkey: ya know,
if i’m gonna get embarrassed by my “baby favvah” today,
at least let me get caught up with a baller wolf.
i mean….

14 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian Gives Mechie The Spotlight

  1. Add Snapchat and Perisiscope in contributing in destroying relationships and not hiring a private investigator.

  2. It is that young mentality with that tattoos because they resemble somebody or have some abs and show plenty of skin on a daily basis. I’m dealing with one now and the more I see him “building his brand,” it is thotness and thirstiness.

    Honestly, IG is becoming more of a whoredom than Facebook could ever imagine.

      1. Instagram is now the “NEW” pornhub for 20 somethings. Thank God I left! Tumblr is also THOT central as well. I so can’t wait until these Nick Jr looking ass boiz turn 30 and regret in their tears about how they were young and dumb.

  3. I thought he was gay. I’ve see one of the videos before on here…

    and why do guy with nice bodies overdue it with the Tattoos….

  4. Dude seems kinda lame….and she has kids so this lame is gonna be around them. In truth though nobody is winning in this situation. He had a kid with somebody that was using him and she is with a male “THOT” who is gonna ride her “D-List” celebrity status to some kinda fame. It goes without saying niggas is the new hoes. On another note it seems as though he is following in his fathers footsteps, I hope he gets counseling (and off his mama’s tit) before he goes over the edge.

  5. Marking up your body with all these fucking tattoos must come to an end!!! The insanity of it all.

  6. He looks cute but not fully developed.

    I feel bad for rob he needs happiness but its like everybody he meets fucks him over some kind of way ( although i was cheering for them)

    1. Came back & played the videos ( that last one needs an auto mute button) if im going to cheat & get caught at least let him be fine & not lame.

  7. Good observation Jamari, Chyna does have a type, and it shows that she was not into Rob. I do not understand where Rob head was at. The whole world saw she was using him, and he couldn’t see it.

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