Rob Kardashian Needs Some Milk!

he sells ^that hat.
so our big hyena,
rob kardashian,
had a bit of a moment today.
he decided to call out blac chyna on instagram.
i saw her snaps and was wondering what was happening:

good to know it was just a toxic situation over flowing.
so he posted this video on ig with this caption…

so he revealed who it was in the video:

i was going to write an entry about him too.
i discovered him a while ago and thought he was cute.
good to know he is a “messy hyena who lives for drama”.
rob also posted this:

…and then all this font vomit followed:

…and he even called out t.i. and tiny:

he got real emotional about this,

did he not?
did this really require a full on exposure tho?
this is a “kkk” exclusive so…

the only one i feel sorry for is:

she truly was brought into a really fucked up situation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian Needs Some Milk!”

  1. I knew it was some mess when they hooked up. This was very entertaining but also very very sad to read. Chyna used Rob to get what she wanted and bounced. Rob definitely got played, and he is proving what everyone else knew all along but him. That’s funny how he exposed her about that body. A lot of these women are getting surgery, then talking about their natural. TI out of all people should of kept his comments to himself, he gets on my damn nerves with his nasty cheating ass. TI if Rob is a duck so is your wife cause she out here looking like a damn fool staying with your cheating ass. Also, why do I feel the Internet is going to have a field day with the memes with that guys picture, because the way he is posing.

      1. How, J?!

        He was estranged from his family and mama was paying him and his bills. How profitable is his “sock” empire? She was a former exotic dancer who ended up with a “hot-at-the-moment” rapper, ended up getting knocked up by him, and he leaves her to mess around in a statutory relationship with a girl much younger than him. She ends up messing around with the brother of the chick who took her baby daddy, and gets knocked up by him.

        If this shyt don’t scream messy and telenovela, I don’t know what does. LOL

        They’re ALL (entire family) a dysfunctional group with their priorities SERIOUSLY f’d up, and the fact that they have kids and put their kids through this crap is sad all around.

  2. I think we all saw this coming. What I’m surprised Rob is giving no fucks. Hopefully this will movtivate him to get healthy and find a new outlook on life.

    1. Exactly Chris, for some reason I want to see Rob make a comeback. I’m no fan of the Kardashians at all, but I actually like Rob. I want to see him get healthy physically and emotionally.

  3. as the saying goes…you can’t turn HOwork…into housework and Rob just got worked by a Hoe out of his own house.

    when people show you who they are believe them

  4. The real reason she got with was to get back at tyga and kylie I don’t know what made him think she really wanted him but just for revenge and a come up!!!

  5. I hope Rob Kardashian knows that California has a’ Revenge Porn’ Law, a cyber exploitation statute, that is punishable for up to 6 months in jail and $1000 fine on the first offense. Posting nude pics and sefies of someone in order to get even is against the law. Law enforcement experts have already put it out there that Kardashian may be in violation of the law. I hope his lawyer is telling him about this.

  6. Rob really REALLY needed his father growing up.

    Bruce surely wasn’t a very strong father figure in his life growing up and his mom and sisters have infantilized him.

    He comes off insecure and lost and that will always attract the wrong type of women. He’s too damn old and has too many opportunities to make something of his life.

    How are you buying lambos and houses with your mom’s money and you’re out of shape, unhealthy, and have no business endeavors of your own?

    Chyna is just Chyna…no matter what he does, she won. Her profile is much higher than it ever would’ve been without all this…whatever it was.

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