RIP Lil Cub (Adrian Peterson’s Secret Son)

1374793_10100163462318166_1870286362_nthis is the lil cub,
adrian peterson’s secret son,
who passed away.
such a sad story.
everyone is saying adrian should miss sunday’s game.
even if he wasn’t close to his son.
a sign of respect.
do you agree?
here is the video of adrian addressing the media:

he looks like he doesn’t really… care.
is that just me?
the look on his face saaaaaaaaayyyyyyys:

“….yeah so after practice ima get some chiptole.”

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Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “RIP Lil Cub (Adrian Peterson’s Secret Son)”

  1. Now I am in tears looking into the eyes of that precious, innocent baby who was murdered. Senselessly murdered probably because he wouldn’t stop crying or soiled his clothes or something else that babies /toddlers do.
    As for Adrian I can’t judge many people go to work,get married, etc days after a love one dies. People criticized Bill Cosby for returning to work days after his son was murdered.As for Adrian’s demeanor maybe he is still in shock.

    1. ^i was reading that poor baby was being abused all the time.
      the mother checked him into the hospital for choking on something.
      when they gave the baby a full scan,
      they saw the brain damage.
      they need to collect that bitch as well.

  2. RIP Little man.

    Adrian should NOT miss Sunday’s game if he is not upset. When I lost my mom I went to school that Monday, and she died on a Saturday. I had the option of staying home, but I choose to go. It was my tenth grade year and I had assessments coming up months later, and I didn’t want to miss any material. People expected me to crash and burn, but I did the exact opposite. My grades immediately improved and they were higher than ever. I changed my mindset and felt like I could handle anything. That wasn’t the end for me, it was the beginning.The past is irrelevant, and the future is more important, remember that. When you have other priories, you have to set other stuff to the side and go get yours.

    The Vikings are struggling, and Adrian is a dedicated to his team. Last year he came back from his ACL injury way earlier than he was expected, and he was a beast. He is a fighter, not a quitter. Point is, some people are mentally stronger than others.

  3. How can he really be in shock if he only found out about this baby recently? Of course he is going to look uninterested! He just dodged having to pay some mistake child support! If it was his seven year old daughter or Adrian JR, you best believe he would have been taking a couple Sundays off.

  4. adrian’s fiance/wife elizabeth:


    her tweet about the situation:


    i think this situation opened up a can of worms for adrian tho.
    2 years ago,
    he was with elizabeth and she was also pregnant.
    maybe she had to also find out adrian had another child due to a hit n run.
    she had that baby hidden for 2 years and his death is how it came into play.
    that is absolutely crazy.

  5. This is so sad…look at that beautiful child…May GOD give him the protection his mother couldn’t….It’a a parent’s miission and duty to PROTECT their children at ALL COSTS…thats alright though because the prisoners and guards are going to have their way with him in prison…and i hope the mother gets a lengthy jail sentence…a innocent child is gone because this damn fool wanna trip…smdh i hate that..this story made me teary eyed especially after seeing the child…Lord jesus people are so cruel…

  6. Welcome to the life of a mixed kid in the United State of America. The mother is a fucking slut and I really hate straight women because they are so weak with everything!!! (Oh I need child support, I need a man in my life, who is going to help me with my baby?) I thank God everyday that my mother is a Lesbian because she always think with her brain instead between her legs. I hate hearing when women complain about wanting to have equal rights, but in the end of the day the man controll them still.

  7. he doesn’t look very upset no tears play football please he isn’t to upset because now he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore and im sure he was paying alot because of his income multi-millionaire running back

    1. He probably hasn’t paid much,if any child support yet since he just found out weeks ago that the child was his.She thought another guy was the father until recently when a paternity test was done.If she was a golddigger she would have told Adrian about the baby years ago when she was pregnant not AFTER she found out another guy wasnt the father. For those people calling her a ho or slut then so is he.Since he had a fiance who was probably pregnant at the same time.So he cheated on his fiance.BTW Adrian met this boy for the first time Thursday when the boy was on life support according to TMZ.

  8. A few things: 1. People grieve in different ways. Not everybody cries uncontrollably. Some grieve silently, etc. 2. Adrian Peterson just found out that this boy was his biological child. It’s “hard” to grieve for someone that you don’t know/haven’t bonded with/don’t have a relationship with. Accordingly, Adrian Peterson may have not grieved at all and that’s a natural human reaction! In fact, due to his lack of knowledge of/lack of relationship with the boy, it’s very possible that Adrian Peterson’s “first” reaction (and perhaps “last” reaction) was one of relief for not having to pay child support/deal with the mother who may have been a hook-up/jump-off.

    And please don’t comment that I’m cold for imagining such a thing or that Adrian Peterson was cold for perhaps thinking such a thing. It happens every day. Many women and men chose to have abortions of children that they know/think are their progeny. How can they do that? You got it: They don’t know/haven’t bonded with/don’t have a relationship with the fetus! When such children are not aborted for one reason or another, the fathers/mothers often bond with the child and love the child and cannot imagine life without the love that a child needs and gives.

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