So Will The Father of Adrian Peterson Son Please Stand Up?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Campthis whole thing has now gotten very messy.
adrian peterson’s secret lust child succumbed to his injuries yesterday.
a very whatever calm adrian addressed the media,
as well as twitter where he put to the rest the rumors of it being adrian jr:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.02.21 PMseriously everyone.
please stop posting pictures of his claimed kid by his fiance.
another wolf who claims he was the real father of the slain cub went off on facebook…

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RIP Lil Cub (Adrian Peterson’s Secret Son)

1374793_10100163462318166_1870286362_nthis is the lil cub,
adrian peterson’s secret son,
who passed away.
such a sad story.
everyone is saying adrian should miss sunday’s game.
even if he wasn’t close to his son.
a sign of respect.
do you agree?
here is the video of adrian addressing the media:

he looks like he doesn’t really… care.
is that just me?
the look on his face saaaaaaaaayyyyyyys:

“….yeah so after practice ima get some chiptole.”

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