So Will The Father of Adrian Peterson Son Please Stand Up?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Campthis whole thing has now gotten very messy.
adrian peterson’s secret lust child succumbed to his injuries yesterday.
a very whatever calm adrian addressed the media,
as well as twitter where he put to the rest the rumors of it being adrian jr:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.02.21 PMseriously everyone.
please stop posting pictures of his claimed kid by his fiance.
another wolf who claims he was the real father of the slain cub went off on facebook…

ok…well i coulda told ya that.
i’m also hearing from an f-bi that adrian allegedly has yet another secret with another snow bunny.4v6dk9condoms ap?
i know one thing…
that poor cub didn’t have a chance in this world.
his mama was a cum dumpster,
his sperm donor probably wouldn’t have cared,
and then there was the jackal who was abusing him.

ty-doohen-photos-4the whole situation is sad,
beyond messy,
and has no winners.
jesus be tied tubes and vasectomies for christmas!

lowkey: i have a feeling his fiance found out all of this “maury povich drama” yesterday as well.
what a great end to her week right?
i would have keyed his car and flattened his tires for this embarrassment.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “So Will The Father of Adrian Peterson Son Please Stand Up?”

  1. So people can say call someone a snow bunny and nobody gives a shit, but let someone make a black joke and it’ll be on front page of the Post and on the 10:00 news, lol

    1. This is not instagram. How in the hell is it all about clicks and views? GTFOH. All the blogs are talking about it.

  2. This article is crude, disgusting, insensitive, and not to mention an extremely sorry excuse for journalism.

  3. i believe the guy who posted on FB the baby who was killed resembles him i think…either way still very tragic….wow and the fact that the wife kept saying “it’s not my son who died” as if she had an attitude instead of saying my heart goes out to the family of the child and etc…it seems like everyone is caught up in adrian they forgot about the kid..

  4. I Don’t understand why he is angry that AP is getting sympathy. Because it is still his son, what sane person do you know that would spend time with a kid they didn’t know was theirs and clearly had another mans name that was raising him. Regardless of how much you’ve been in his life YOU ARE NOT HIS FATHER. And im sure the people around you are making sure you a handling everything okay. And as far as him saying “Adrian was at practice and will play sunday because he doesn’t care” AD did the exact same thing when his brother passes before he went to college, he continued to play football because football is what gets him through things.

    1. You have to be retarded… You just have to be retarded… Peterson didn’t know the kid… had never met the kid and didn’t care about the kid. Yes I’m assuming that you need to actually form some kind of relationship with another person to actually care about them. Peterson is getting a ton of sympathy but the reality is that he didn’t lose anything from his life. This child was not a part of Peterson’s life in any way, shape or form. Sure it is a tragic story but Adrian can go about his day like nothing happened because nothing has changed in his life. Get it?

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