If You Aren’t On EBT, Be Grateful Right Now!

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.19.54 PMthis picture is sad to look at.
this goverment shutdown EBT issue is crazy today.
one of my straight wolf friends has been working for free because of the shutdown.
needless to say he is in totally #fuckdis #fucku mode.
they better get this shit together before they riot.
you know people don’t play when it comes to their money and food.
in this case it means both.
isn’t this isn’t a wake up call for many of us?

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “If You Aren’t On EBT, Be Grateful Right Now!”

  1. Oh shit it just got real! I know people are gonna go crazy because when it come to food, please don’t mess with that.

    1. This is so sad, especially for those on assistance, but contingency funds are about to run out for many who are impacted by all that’s happening who are having to work without pay as essential government workers.

      However, there is something we can all do. If you live in one of the red states, from where these Tea Party folk come, you must vote them out of office. And, if you don’t live in one of these backward states, you might have relatives, friends, former schoolmates, fraternity brothers, pieces, former trade, etc., living in these places. Reach out to them! Implore them to vote these hateful racists out of office! We must be engaged! We do not have the luxury of being spectators. These people shutting down the government are the same people who want to take away our votes, who don’t want the less fortunate to have health insurance, and who hate us for being LGBT, whether we’re out, in, in between, whatever or wherever. We can do this.

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