I Would Have Lost (It) At Lunch

imagine you’re at a restaurant,
having lunch with your people,
and this happens
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So This Is How President Obama Throws A Party (Thanks Usher!)

tumblr_mbiab14isg1qji14so1_1280it’s always that one pineapple who doesn’t follow the rules.
so president obama term is about to be up.
what do you do?
you throw a farewell party with all your people you met over the years.
well the rules was:

“What Happens in the White House After Hours Stays in the White House”

that meant no filming or picture taking.
obviously usher didn’t follow those rules.
he filmed obama turnt up and put it on his social media.
a vix-bi sent me the footage via the shade room
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Luke Cage May Have Put His Muscular Paw In His Mouth

marvels-luke-cagei was so bored watching “jessica jones”.
everyone loved it and i was like “yawn”.
i wasn’t bored with the only 2-3 episodes i watched with the big black wolf.
his name was luke cage.
jessica and luke’s sex scenes>>>>>
well luke cage’s show made it’s debut on netflix today.
i hope it’s not boring and full of amazing sex scenes.
well mike colter,
who plays luke cage,
had an interview with “the breakfast club” on power 105.1 that everyone is talking about.
he said potus only got elected because he is biracial…
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Stacey Dash Wants To Take Out The President For Trump


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.26.09 PMsquatters tho?
“got your back?”
she should know trump ain’t even gonna listen to her with that ghetto girl talk.
i keep asking myself when it comes to stacey dash if it has really come to this?
she is trying way too hard,
but i guess if it pays the bills and keeps her semi-relevant.
sadly she will be a joke after this is all said and done.

lowkey: michelle looks like she would work her out.
stacey don’t want it.

If You Aren’t On EBT, Be Grateful Right Now!

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.19.54 PMthis picture is sad to look at.
this goverment shutdown EBT issue is crazy today.
one of my straight wolf friends has been working for free because of the shutdown.
needless to say he is in totally #fuckdis #fucku mode.
they better get this shit together before they riot.
you know people don’t play when it comes to their money and food.
in this case it means both.
isn’t this isn’t a wake up call for many of us?

x read more @ cnn

President Obama Addresses Morehouse

tumblr_mn3uw8JX0V1qiavcao1_500let’s take a break from all the ratchet for a minute.
i wanted to share this wonderful speech with everyone.
obama spoke at the morehouse for their commencement ceremony.
he had some inspiring stuff in high def to say.

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