President Obama Addresses Morehouse

tumblr_mn3uw8JX0V1qiavcao1_500let’s take a break from all the ratchet for a minute.
i wanted to share this wonderful speech with everyone.
obama spoke at the morehouse for their commencement ceremony.
he had some inspiring stuff in high def to say.


funny i asked god to talk to me and show me the way.
i hate this speech was overshadowed by that one “comment”.
people need to get over it and realize it’s 2013.
get with it or get left behind.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “President Obama Addresses Morehouse”

  1. I, have to commend you for this post. I watched the clip of it on Huffington Post, very well articulated from a distinguished President. I always wanted to do a summer study at morehouse to get the ambience of the “morehouse man”. It’s the only HBCU with allure, Howard is just – well, a good school too.

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