Yeah So Pay No Attention To The Gay Music Artist Hiding in the Corner

11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medan f-bi sent me this.
i felt it was fitting after the other stories recently posted…

This is a fascinating story if you have been following two big celebrity stories over the past few days.

There is a network that is rarely the first to break news about celebrity events, because they always wait for official confirmation from celebs and their publicists before saying anything.

Today, however, something unusual happened. They “broke” an unconfirmed story (Yes, yes, we know they didn’t really break it because the story already broke days ago, but they are the first television network to talk about publicly as if it’s a fact, so whatever).

Why would they do that? Why would this network break with protocol and risk the ire of top celebs and their publicist by running such a big announcement without any kind of confirmation?

We know why!

It’s because of the OTHER story that was in the gossip columns yesterday and today. You know… the one about a certain gay musician?

The producer of multiple shows on that same network doesn’t want anyone messing with a ridiculous illusion that he has created that is now his biggest cash cow. Anything that has the potential to spoil that illusion must be suppressed! Pay no attention to that gay musician in the corner!

So, meetings were held to decide how to get the gay musician story out of the headlines. The staff fished for ideas and beat each other with sticks (OK, not really, but they did discuss it). How could they get the public to stop talking about the gay musician?

First, they blocked the story from their own properties. So, while the gay musician chatter dominated every other gossip site and broadcast for the past 24 hours, this particular network’s shows and websites didn’t mention a peep about it. Just pretended it never happened.

But nature and media abhor a vacuum. They had to fill that vacuum with something.

So they prematurely broke the unconfirmed story about another big celebrity! Distraction complete!

Now, the celebrities who are the subjects of story #2 are furious! But the network doesn’t care. They’ll fix that relationship later. As long as they saved the cash cow revenues by burying story #1, well, that’s all that matters for today!

This network really wants you to believe that they are the leader in entertainment news. They’re not. They are, however, the leader in entertainment news manipulation.


Story #1 Gay Musician:

Story #2 unconfirmed rumor:



all signs point to:

10especially after all the tisci/ocean/west talk.
best way to get the attention off you,
is throw it on someone else.
how convenient:

x she allegedly ain’t pregnant

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  1. I a, very disappointed in him. Kim already sold her soul, now Kanye has sold his, I’m disappointed really. You know how passionate I am about him Jamari

  2. We didn’t forget Ye. If he is gay at least he’s not like all the rest who sleep with all their artists. I have never heard of him doing that.

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