So If I Trade In One Butt Cheek, Can I Get Those Eggs?

empty_fridgei had no food in my fridge.
i had jam,
but no bread.
but no juice.
but no water.
you see where i’m going with this.
i decided to go to the store just now.
i picked up everything i would need.
things to cook,
breakfast food,
and snacks.
i’m at the register pulling items out my cart,
i’m already at 77 dollars.
i only had half the items out already.
i said a silent prayer.
do you know my bill was…

$200 BILLS.

faintingi think the spanish vixen behind the register heard my muffled screams.
food is getting expensive.
i’m thankful i was able to pay it,
but i can’t have too many of those stunts.
my wallet damn near yelled at me all the way home.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So If I Trade In One Butt Cheek, Can I Get Those Eggs?”

  1. Hell yea food is going up. Don’t make sense. I wish we could grow more than fruit and vegetables.

      1. Move from NY, have you thought about that. Why you yankees always complaining about NY and still won’t leave? That’s that nu yawk love huh?

  2. Where do you shop Jamari. You should try places like Giant’s, Wal-Mart, Meyers, Safeway and buy items when they are on sale

  3. If only we had more Fresh Grocers and less Associated Supermarket

    Another Note…Did you watch Obama’s Morehouse Speech?

  4. Damn, I dont think I could make it in NYC, could not imagine having to carry groceries on foot. I am fortunate enough to live by a Trader’s Joe, Whole Food Market, Sprouts Grocer, Natural Grocer all within 5miles of each other, these are all health food oriented stores that sell organic as well as natural meats and produce also close to Walmart, Kroger, Safeway an a new German based supermarket called Aldi that is cheap as hell especially produce, milk and eggs. I have a Grocery store fetish, I love going and finding good deals and I like to cook new healthy dishes. I am trying to do the vegan thing right now for summer to drop a few pounds that I picked up around my midsection this winter. Eating healthy is expensive as hell, but in the long run your medical bills, Dr. Visits, and medication should be low. I have found I save a grip not buying meat, and only ordering a appetizer now instead of an entree when I go out with friends, tough economy call for tough measures. I am not giving up on meat entirely, but I am limiting it to just a few times per month and then chicken and fish only.

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