Launching Projectile Missiles In Outer Space

i learned what launching projectile missiles felt like.
not a good feeling,
i’ll font you that.
i’m out of energy and ready to collapse.
i thought i’d update the foxhole fam before i do…

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Give The Food to Kanye and Let Him Hold It

300986_originalkanye west is so desperate.
so an f-bi sent me this video,
and like kanye in the video i watched,
i had to cringe.
we all know kanye is obsessed with trying to be accepted in the fashion circle.
they are “the cool kids” to his “dork eating in the bathroom stall for lunch”.
don’t even get me started on his “fashion lines”.
well kim kardashian put up a snap of kanye,
in the backseat of a car,
holding a plate of ribs and fries for peter dundas,
the designer to roberto cavalli
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Tears of a Hungry Clown

tumblr_lvqcuaLItY1qk6bpjo1_500it pays to have good friends in your life.
these are the people who make me go on,
even when i feel like giving up.
so this morning,
half asleep,
karaoke texted me asking me to do her a favor.
she wanted my cable info to watch a show on her computer.
since she is one of my closest friends that i trust,
i said why not?
one thing about karaoke is she cooks really good.
her family makes the best food.
she always sends me pictures of food she makes.
well i’m no where close to florida to get some food,
and i was stupid hungry,

so i texted jokingly…
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Random Acts of a Senseless Work Wolf

tumblr_static_7t5vwzwvnasccg8wsocgosc8wso i decided to try something new.
when work wolf texted me in the morning,
i would make sure to ignore it.
i had a lot of work i had to do anyway.
hell it would help me be focused.
he texted me in the morning and i put my phone in my drawer.

out of sight
out of mind

when i took my phone out my drawer in the afternoon,
i decided to reply back to his message…
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