Launching Projectile Missiles In Outer Space

i learned what launching projectile missiles felt like.
not a good feeling,
i’ll font you that.
i’m out of energy and ready to collapse.
i thought i’d update the foxhole fam before i do…

i decided to order a philly cheese steak,
with everything on it,
from a spot around the corner from my job.
i’m cool with the manager over there so he looks out for delivery.


i get it,
devour it,
and it was good.
no complaints.
an hour later,
i’m in the bathroom.
puking and shittin’ everywhere.
i had to forward all calls to another station and send visitors to another floor.
i went to the bathroom like 3 times.
thank God i have supervisors now that are understanding.

i knew the trip home would be a bitch,
so i decided to drug myself up.
i keep pepto and draimaimine in my desk in case of emergency.

this was an emergency.
nothing is worse in new yawk than being “the sick passenger on the train”.
the dreaded sick passenger who gets on sick and stops the train for medical assistance.
we hate those kind hyenas and i was NOT about to be one.
it was like i had kryptonite bubbling in my stomach because none of those pills worked.
it was still coming out of both holes in a rotation.

as soon as it was time for me to go,
i went to duane reade and bought some gatorade.
it helped a little.
i ended up getting to my stop with no issues,
because i turned my focus to this game called “animal crossing: pocket camp”

gay af,
i know,
but it’s pretty fun and i’ll take the judgment…
as soon as i got off

you guessed it.
it got out.
i launched a mega projectile all over the sidewalk.
in a nice corner where no one could see me.
i try to be dainty when i’m sick.
the bad part tho?
i got vomit all on my phone,
coat sleeve,
and scarf.
i literally walked home holding my arm out.
i know i looked all kinds of crazy.
oh well.

i’m in bed now,
cleaned everything off,
and typing this up for you guys.
i don’t feel like throwing up or shitting right now,
but i am tired af.
if i wake up later,
i’ll update.
if not…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Launching Projectile Missiles In Outer Space

  1. Sounds like some kind of food poisoning. This could be from undercooked meat, spoiled food, dirty and unclean items, rat infestation…etc. I’d be more careful about food. Get well

  2. Its not funny but im LMAO at the thought of u playin that happy ass lil game, trying to keep ur mind off the nuclear warfare going on inside lol but yeah ive been there, stomach issues r the one thing i can’t handle! I can deal with a head, tooth or body ache, but baby when them guts hurt, its OVA!

    1. ^i tried my hardest to focus on that game bryan LMAO
      nothing worse than trying to hold down 🤢
      and then you sit there thinking all these thoughts to move your mind off of what’s happening.
      i was counting every stop in my head.
      no one can say i can’t multitask lol

  3. Man you now if nobody told you I’m gonna tell you, “NEVER BY FOOD ON MONDAY, ITS THE LEFTOVERS ALOT THE TIME FROM THE WEEKEND!!!”. You better start preparing your food the night before. I thought you said it was time to tighten up??? No judgement though. Feel better.

  4. last week I also notice I was hitting the bathroom allot as well. Turns out a manufactured bottler named “Aquacai” was contaminated and my job had it all over the Hotel. Quickly personeel took it out of all department and I figured what was making me sick. A guest complain about it and who would think a bottle water would make you sick and ruine your situation. After that day I question the water I drink so now I just drink bottles that I know.

    1. @myolox…Were you drinking it out of the bottle/can? A lot of times the outside of the containers are filthy and people don’t take that into account. Animals/critters crawl over them. I always run hot water over the can and bottles before opening and then I pour into a cup. I no longer drink directly out of cans/bottles…I use a straw if a cup isn’t available.

  5. Damn. I know the feeling. Years ago a restaurant near my job had a lobster special for a month. I ate it every night. On the last night of the special it just didn’t taste right. I got on the train and my stomach started going crazy. Like sharp stabbing pains. Then I felt it trying to make it’s way out. Two stops. Then a ten minute walk to my apt. Surely I can make it. So I get off. Clenching. I was in pain. I was half limping. Half running. And then…it all came out. Of my butt. And at the time I wore boxers. Chunks falling down my leg and out of the pants cuff onto my shoes and the ground. I make it upstairs to my apt and strip in the hallway. One neighbor saw me, but I wasn’t tracking that into my apt. Tossed everything. Finished my business in the intended bathroom, took a shower and laid down in the fetal position. Feel better!

  6. J, hope you feel better, I too was not feeling good today not to your level but the stress of my job made me not have an appetite and then on the way home, my stomach began to hurt, so I came home and laid down and just woke up so I will be up all night now, I realize I need to stop stressing so much because it has my whole being thrown off. Foxhole take care of yourself, more exercise, more fruits and veggies going into 2018, I am going back to basic and I think I will leave meat behind in 2017.

  7. It could not be food poisoning. Sometimes greasy, rich food reacts that way, especially if you haven’t eaten them in a long time. Sorry this happened to you. Riding public transportation with an upset stomach is not joke. One time I got sick on the commuter train and vomited in my satchel. No one noticed — I tried to be quiet and looking like I was REALLY trying to find something in that satchel. I had to throw the thing out when I got to work.

    Next time try to cook at home and pack your own food and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. It will make you feel way better.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day J Fox!

  8. I’m dealing with this shit now! (Pun intended). I’m taking antibiotics for strept throat and I’ve been shitting like a goose every since then. I stopped taking them because I’m scared I’ll have to go at work. lol. I’m scared to eat anything but yogurt(it has probiotics which is good). Tomorrow makes a week I’ve been like this. If I don’t feel better by Friday I’m going get some actually pills. Who knew antibiotics can fuck you up like this. 😩

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