Launching Projectile Missiles In Outer Space

i learned what launching projectile missiles felt like.
not a good feeling,
i’ll font you that.
i’m out of energy and ready to collapse.
i thought i’d update the foxhole fam before i do…

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The Emancipation of The Fox Who Created His Own Restrictions

I woke up with an Epiphany this morning.
Before I could wipe the cold out my eyes and pop a toothbrush in my mouth,
I was awoken by the sound of my inner voice screaming.
Sounds psycho, I know.
But, I have been feeling somewhat… down and disgusted these last few days.
I have been feeling “tired”, “worried”, and “over it”.
It has been making me sick and throwing up.
Somehow and somewhere, I picked up bad acid reflux or something.
I would rather be in bed sleep than actively doing anything.
And when I had to go somewhere, I wasn’t fully invested.
I must have been hit with some kind of depression that crept on me like a vine.

But, where THE FUCK did it come from?…

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Remember When I Use To Get All That Dick?

Life is funny.

I am sick as a dog with a stomach bug.
It feels like the devil’s incarnate mega hell stomach bug.
I am throwing up, feeling normal, and then throwing up again.
Let me not get into the shittin’ aspect of it all.

It is absolute hell.

But even during all that I realized something about this shit called life.
No pun intended.

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