Give The Food to Kanye and Let Him Hold It

300986_originalkanye west is so desperate.
so an f-bi sent me this video,
and like kanye in the video i watched,
i had to cringe.
we all know kanye is obsessed with trying to be accepted in the fashion circle.
they are “the cool kids” to his “dork eating in the bathroom stall for lunch”.
don’t even get me started on his “fashion lines”.
well kim kardashian put up a snap of kanye,
in the backseat of a car,
holding a plate of ribs and fries for peter dundas,
the designer to roberto cavalli


…like he is doing to kim in that video?
he looked embarrassed.
the look on his face says it all.
kim knows she was being shady filming that.
i’m not surprised though.
once it is known you will do anything to be accepted,
that is when they will have you doing anything.

“pee on me please!”
“i’ll have one round of rice and goat shit with extea hot sauce!”
“i lovvvvvveeeeeeee getting gang banged for an invite!”

i’m sure more alleged fuck shit happens with him than shown.
kanye is long gone and i don’t think he is coming back anytime soon.

lowkey: you mean to tell me peter couldn’t hold his own plates?

video credited: instagram | kim kardashian

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Give The Food to Kanye and Let Him Hold It”

      1. Kanye West died when his mother died. That shell you are seeing is the shameless demon that replaced his soul. lol

  1. This is giving me heavy “servant” vibes ! It’s not even like he was also eating , he’s holding both plates smh ..Kim proves to be less than smart …yet again

  2. I agree with The Man he’s has been long gone for years and I think it has to do with his mother passing away. It would not surpise me the things he has done to be in good with the fashion community. I will say as much as the public clowned his fashion line years later all I see are people ( me included) wearing shirts with holes in them and neaural colors outfits, so I guess in the long run he created something.

    1. Yeah! I follow men’s look-books on youtube (don’t judge me xD) and almost all of them have some “Kanye Inspired” video. I mean, it really is NOT for me, but it does seem to be trending so maybe it’s working? Idk.

      I don’t dress like that so I’m not seeing it, but hey, maybe he’s getting endorsements for favours or something , or maybe it’s just trending, who knows?

  3. Definitely a bit messed up. A man that successful being a “hired hand.” Ugh. How long can he go.

  4. What he doesn’t realize is that they’re never going to give him a seat at the table.

    What non effeminate black man is big in fashion?

    His dumbass should’ve went the urban route and just made his clothes more affordable.

    All those urban lines like Sean John,Rocawear, and Phat Farm are over so there’s a clear market.

    Give black people an alternative to H&M, Zara, and UO. You see how he sells out Yeezys and mostly black women wear those Cruel Summer heels.

    He could’ve made it on his own terms but he’s so desperate to be accepted by Anna Wintour and the white queens club.

  5. He always looks uncomfortable when he’s publicly filmed/captured with gay fashion designers. His look on his face when he and Kim were in florence Italy with Valentino when he bumped cheeks with him was priceless

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