RIP To Christina Grimmie

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how ironic was ^that?
it was taken three weeks ago.

this is an absolutely frightening story.
this is one of the many downsides to fame.
the deranged stalking jackal.
everyone say goodbye to christina grimmie.
she appeared on “the voice” and was killed friday night.
this is the story via people


The shooter who fatally shot Christina Grimmie was possibly a deranged fan, according to Orlando police.

“That would be speculation, but that’s what it’s looking like,” said Orlando police chief John Mina, in a press conference Saturday morning.

Grimmie, a 22-year-old alum of The Voice, was shot and killed after her concert at the city’s Plaza Live venue late Friday night.

Police say that the killer was a 21-year-old white male who had traveled to Orlando from elsewhere in Florida with two handguns and a hunting knife to commit the crime. After shooting Grimmie, her brother Marcus (aka, Mark) tackled the suspect to the ground, and the suspect then killed himself. Police intend to release his name “in a few hours.”

At this point, police are unsure of why the suspect shot Christina, but believe he came specifically to kill her.

“There’s no indication that he knew her, we’re looking into that to try and find a motive for the crime,” Mina said.

Mina said police are combing through the suspect’s phone and computer for more information.

Mina also praised Marcus for “almost immediately” tackling the suspect to the ground.

“Very heroic actions by Marcus to jump in, and definitely could have prevented further loss of life,” Mina said.

He added that there were no extra police or off duty police officers at the venue, just unarmed security guards.

Grimmie competed on season six of The Voice, as a member of Adam Levine’s team. The Marlton, New Jersey, native ultimately came in third.
this was her last video via her instagram:
this situation doesn’t even just happen to animals in the public eye.
you don’t know who will take an “extra liking” to you.
there are: fans
 psychos who need the love and affection in the nearest mental hospital
i try to be very careful with my online presence.
i’ve seem some of the craziest shit directed in harming me in my comments.
i take that shit very seriously.
you never know nowadays.
rip to christine gimmie.
a life and talent taken way too short.
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lowkey:and stop turning your damn locations on via your social media.
you just handing the crazies a trail to find you.
article taken: people

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “RIP To Christina Grimmie

  1. I actually knew of her years back, before she did The Voice. Was going through covers done by people on YouTube and her voice was beautiful and distinct, I couldn’t forget her.

    That’s fucked up, shows you the risks for people even doing something as little as The Voice. The place she had the concert at is probably about to look real bad for not having armed security. 😕

  2. I saw this today. I’m looking at the name, saying why does it sound so familiar?
    Then I realized who it was. Very sad to hear this. I really like her song “shrug” too.

    I hear you on the locations thing J! People put too much info out there on social media.
    Just opening themselves up for trouble. But this was too much! Mental illness is real!
    Sadly nothing will be done about the issue until it tragically affects the life of an elected official.
    Then watch the floodgates open to do something about it.

    1. ^you are so right C.
      a republican’s cub or wife would bring about gun laws.

      that jackal was strapped with the means to do some damage!
      guns and knives.
      that shit is frightening.

  3. TMZ has updated info including pic of deranged fan/killer.He was 27,not 21.
    I just watched her blind audition on The Voice in 2014.She mentioned her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer three times and she was so happy she survived to see her audition for the The Voice.Now her mother and father have to plan her funeral and her brother will have to live with the memory of seeing his little sister murdered steps from him.

  4. Wow, she was not even a “hard-core” celebrity, like Taylor Swift and the like. Usually the celebrities get the crazies, but apparently, ANY sort of recognition brings them out. Scary times we’re living in. I would never expect this from a “the Voice” contestant. I don’t even know what to say.

    Why ordinary people need guns is still beyond me.

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