Free Snacks and Video Games

1361218160640039i had to curse out a post office worker today….
left sent me a package and the usps claimed it was delivered to my crib.
they also said they left a note according to the website.
tumblr_mv6my8MtWt1rqlnsko1_500so i had to troop to the post office this morning to get the box.
it was a couple blocks,
it was brick,
and the sidewalks are still covered in snow.
i get there and the post office man gonna say:

“well i dont know what to tell you.
it happens.
you here for your package right?”

when i tell you i let that muthafucka have it all?

“well it shouldn’t have happened.
ya’ll arent on your fuckin job.
it was suppose to been at my spot since saturday.
its fuckin wednesday and i had to come all the way down here.
get the fuckin box and get the fuck out my face.”

people were looking.
i was not in a mood,
i was cold,
aand he was being an asshole.
like dont fuckin patronize me,
you ignorant ass nigga.
yes nigga.
that is what i call the ignorant and the buffoons.
he is both.

he in the back cackling with these fat hog pen bitches on some chill shit.
staring at me like i did something wrong.
no you did something wrong and i had to let you know about yourself.
do your damn job so i can get the fuck off that.
i have somewhat of a temper.
god is still working on me.
either way when i got home and opened the box,
this is what i saw:

LEFTFOODi literally was surviving on water and faith.
left and god came through.
it was a little something,
but it means so much.
he also bought me this:

Call_of_Duty_Ghosts_coverhow nice was that?
not for nothing,
as grateful as i am for it,
but i am not in the mood to even play video games right now.
not until i get a job and my life is in order first.
i hope for more good news as these days go on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Free Snacks and Video Games”

  1. They deserved to get cussed out but damn Jamari, you call yourself a fox when there’s really a tiger hiding underneath.Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.I’m scared of you.

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