Michael Sam Does Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.40.07 PMyou know you’ve wanted it.
welp an f-bi got it for us:



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8 thoughts on “Michael Sam Does Instagram”

  1. 2 Canadian League football players were fined for posting crude vulgar message followed by “submit to God” on Michael’s IG.

  2. Something about him just doesn’t interest me at all… This is totally a publicity stunt that I feel like is going to go all the way left. He’s a liability for any NFL team, because there will be bullying, slurs, and more…. I personally feel like he just outed his way out of a future!

    1. Well, thinking that way can guarantee that gays as a whole have outed their way out of a future.

      Keep in mind that he’s one of the first. It will not be done right or to the result that we want, but he is building a freeway for others to be out like he is with no fanfare.

      I wish him well.

      If things don’t work out for him, it will work out for someone else.

    2. Richiebornrich, someone has to go first. Jackie Robinson went first in MLB. Should Jackie Robinson have said “No, let someone else go first. The risks are too high.”? Did Jackie Robinson destroy his future?

      And by saying that “He’s a liability for any NFL team, because there will be bullying, slurs, and more”, you’re giving aid and comfort to the those that oppose him–and you and I.

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