“What An Asshole!”

you ever talked to a wolf that had a real stink attitude?
like i mean super stank?
he may have been cute,
but all you can remember about him was: “what an asshole!”.
well meet ^the snow jackal who allegedly talked to michael sam back in the day.
he also leaked a snippet of their text convos.
look at how he allegedly remembers michael sam…

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.11.32 PM BgE2DPVCAAASrvPwhitney-1oh wow.
“what an asshole!”.
the snow jackal’s friend also allegedly confirmed it:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.10.13 PMwell damn.
although i don’t agree with leaking the texts,
it certainly did give michael a slight “side eye”.
if he was acting like that back then
i hope he has changed his attitude now that he’s “out n about”.

lowkey: i think wolves know not to try that cocky shit with me.
“i don’t give a fuck who you are” is usually my favorite statement for the assholes.

tumblr_mwxpn02ziq1qln00mo1_400courtesy: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on ““What An Asshole!””

  1. Jamari, darling, Michael did nothing wrong … he had the right to toot his own horn. That boy is clearly famewhoring for the goddddds right now!

  2. I’m surprised because you know unattractive men really don’t have the luxury to be an asshole cause their options aren’t that wide.

  3. I think we should address the texts. I dont think that he was being an asshole. If you understand the work and commitment that it takes to be a starter and stay there then you can understand his perspective.

    The snow fox didn’t even take the time to look up his stats before he replied to his messages. Its was not a phone convo so he could have taken a break to look his stats and other information up. Its painfully clear that the dude is bitter and trying get some fame, but honestly speaking you have to think before you speak, especially when speaking to an SEC Division 1 football player.

  4. Met PLENTY of dudes who suck their own dicks. Omg. Don’t even get me started lol. Its like… Who are you again? You don’t hang low enough to act like that!! Its scary because foxes out there think that asshole shyt is cute. Bend and fold all types of ways for these hoes. We fetishize that sort of attitude these days.

  5. I just find it funny the white boy knows nothing about football and is not impressed in the least. I’ll give him props for that. If it was black boy , Mike was chatting to they would have been swooning all over the place.

    I have a feeling our boy Mike gets around.

  6. I really don’t feel like Mike was out of line on this one. I’ve had plenty of conversations go this way. The snow fox had probably already been annoying the hell out of him, and not knowing anything related to football (a HUGE part of Mike’s life) was most likely the final straw. If anything, the white kid looks like more of an asshole by his blatant disinterest AND by then posting this on twitter so long after it took place. You mad cause you didn’t get chose? Bitter smh.

    Oh, and I also get the feeling that Mike is a hoe, but we’ll save that for later lol.

  7. Ok. So this is just a sound bite (or text bite in this instance) of a longer convo. If I’ve worked hard to be in a position that I’m in, I would toot my horn a little. Did he come off as an asshole? Of course. He could’ve worded it better. Sometimes it’s not what we say, but how we say it.

  8. Well, I’m all for being polite and I believe that “discretion is the better part of valor” so it seems to me that Michael Sam wrongfully threw the first punch when he got upset when the dude didn’t know who/what he was. He said something like “You wouldn’t do don’t ask” and then “Well I think we exhausted our conversation together”. Michael Sam got into a snit when the guy didn’t know of Michael Sam’s football prowess and record. This is equivalent of meeting someone and their getting upset because you don’t know who they are. This reminds me of the actress Reese Witherspoon asking the policeman that stopped her and her husband “Don’t you know who I am?” or similar.

    Such is a sign of arrogance. Recently, I met a guy on Adam4Adam.com. He called me later and said something like, “This is John”. When I asked him “John” who and how I met him, he refused and hung up. The idiot and asshole didn’t say “This is John, AKA John1234567 on Adam4Adam”, which would have been appropriate since I’ve seen his A4A profile name many times associated with him but his name “John” associated with him few times. And John is a common name. He expected me to know exactly how we met and the context and who he was. That’s stupid and arrogant.

    Oftentimes, idiots on A4A get upset when they call you and you don’t have their names and numbers programed into your phone. Idiot, “I’ll program your name and number in my phone when you do something to distinguish yourself and earn your place with your name and number in my phone.”

    So, Michael Sam was clearly wrong.

  9. As someone who loves sports that snow bunny sort of came at him sideways, he didnt have to throw that comment in about the cousin. I would have acted the same way, even if he likes white peen maybe he has a type and new this was not his type if he didnt know nothing about football. This seem like a messy ass queen from the jump and further proof with him releasing text message to milk his 15 min. well at least that shatters the stereotype that only blacks queens are messy, all queens are messy.

  10. I don’t see this as arrogance guys. The snow queen was throwin shade. Suggest to ANY athlete that he’s a bench rider, and you’ll likely get the same response (or worse in person). Especially if they’re good at what they do. Snow queen obviously doesn’t hang around many athletes….thats not proper etiquette. lol

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