You Want This, But You Really Need That

5bd17acfb10319092d14c1bfd16cc3c3oh word?
funny i was craving something sweet in the worst way earlier.
i went and had some grapes after reading that.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “You Want This, But You Really Need That”

  1. I really healthy, but when I crave for my chocolate you better move because I have to eat it no matter what. It weird because I was never like chocolate until now and chocolate help me feel relax and happy. Maybe I’m craving for love.

  2. Thanks, trying to keep my body supplied with the proper nutrients, I have heard that if you eat the right foods you will not crave all this junk we eat daily. However if you are on a junk diet your body will crave these foods once you stop eating them, and the withdrawals are worse than crack, thats why so many people fall off of their diet bandwagons, you truly have to detox your body from our toxic food supply to have any real success on eating right and losing unwanted pounds. Dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation.

  3. Thanks Fox! Really helpful; now I can get my diet right along with the exercise. One thing: I recently completed a nutrition class taught by a registered dietitian and she said that a lot of people cut out carbohydrates (breads, pastas, etc) for protein. But carbs are the bodies main source of energy and to just eat a balanced diet with whole wheats. She also recommended ChooseMyPlate for a reference, but I think they’re going to mostly say what’s in that chart.
    Sorry I went on a semi-lecture. I just wanted to share my little 2cents on what I learned.
    S/N: Happy New Year Jamari! I hope that this year is great for you and all of the Foxhole

  4. I’m surprised you have a pinterest Jamari. Think I might join myself. But this IS very helpful. I’ll be usin this.

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