MEAT: (504)

tumblr_myby3hLpg71s9o4zjo4_1280judging from his side profile,
i’m already interested

LICKjudging from the rest,
i’m sold.
wrap it up to go.

lowkey: who is this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “MEAT: (504)

  1. I just checked his instagram. He is mad fine. Looks like he is cool as hell too. Move over Suraqah and Lonnie, there is a new man in town.

  2. I always wondered who he is, this dude is a standout among the crowd, dare I say he is perfect. Does he do Herbalife LMAO!!!!!!

  3. Lately as much as I dig body, I haven’t been attracted unless I see personality. These pics are sexy and everything but I’m curious to see how he acts. If he’s a jerk or if he’s kind. Cuz a body is a dime a dozen but whether I want to be yours is another.

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