MMA Fighter, Joseph Torrez, Got What They Were Looking For

9581178i know at one point,
ive wanted to say:

“mah wolfz is a mma fighter.
you don’t want nunna dis.”

well the four men who broke into mma wolf,
joseph torrez,
home on new years day learned the hard way.
the huffington post reports…

A New Mexico mixed martial arts fighter can say he’s 4-0 at home after pummeling four intruders who broke into his mobile home. Police said that one of the attackers was killed and another was hospitalized.

One of the thugs threatened 27-year-old Joseph Torrez in a phone call before showing up with his cronies at Torrez’s home on New Years Day in Las Cruces. The home invasion was allegedly part of an ongoing feud, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

“I’ll kill you and your family … I’ll go to your house,” suspect Leonard Calvillo reportedly said.

The alleged assailants — Sal Garces, 25, his brother Raymond, 19, Nathan Avalos, 20 and Calvillo, 22 — forced their way into the mobile home at about 2 a.m. Torrez’s fiancee, son and another woman were also inside at the time.

The older Garces was stabbed to death in the ensuing melee, and Avalos sustained “severe” facial injuries, according to the New York Daily News. He was taken by ambulance to an area hospital.

Torrez reportedly scared the other two men into fleeing, but they were arrested a short time later on conspiracy and property damage charges. All four of the men are reportedly gang members, some of them with drug histories.

Torrez could face charges in the death of Sal Garces, though his lawyer maintains that “he was fighting for his life.”

KFOX-TV reports that Torrez has already moved to a new home.

i know his fiance was in the background like:

“get em baby!
molly whoop their asses!”

man-in-crowd-screaming…and then she let him molly whoop that cat later.
it’s her duty!
god i love to hear wolves protecting their family.

personally he shouldn’t be charged.
this is the perfect example of:

“come on over here and get summa dis.
i got what ya been lookin’ for.”

article found: the huffington post

6 thoughts on “MMA Fighter, Joseph Torrez, Got What They Were Looking For

  1. I don’t think he should go to jail but that’s kinda sad that he put his wife and kid in danger like that.Knowing some gang affiliated dudes are coming to your house which also happens to be occupied by your wife and kid, I don’t care if you’re Super Sayian Goku or a damn Ninja Turtle, you get your family and leave.The dudes could’ve lit the house up with bullets.I applaud him for defending himself but he could’ve ended up dead, then his family would probably be killed or tortured and then killed.If he gets off, hopefully he learns from this.Don’t entertain foolishness.It only leads to stupidity.Too many of these MMA fighters think they’re invincible like Soldiers do.You end up meeting the wrong person one day and finding out that ain’t the case.Learn to walk away sometimes.I would never put my wife and kid in danger like that, even if I was the best fighter on Earth.

  2. I agree. He shouldn’t have to face charges at all. Especially after just watchin “You’re Next” the other day. Sounds like mix of THAT home invasion story and Enough with J. Lo. He shouldve informed police. If he had, what difference would that have made? A statistic wouldve been accounted for how LATE they were to the house. Pleeease. Fight back!

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